Give me feedback on the Live Energy Transmission please

By January 31, 2015 Blog
Nan Akasha Bliss Mentor

Nan Akasha Bliss Mentor

Thanks so much for coming on the call

True Psychic Confessions & Manifest any Goal in Your Soul

Live Energy Transmission Call...

and for being willing to take a few minutes to share your feelings, results, or ask me what you need clarified.

LEAVE YOUR Experience and what you want more of from me, what you biggest challenges are and what you most want help with manifesting…

ALSO: If you feel you want to have a “BlissField Reading” with me…

Where I connect to your energy field, abundance flow and Spiritual blueprint and help you see where you may be blocked or where to look next for your growth, or how to unlock more money now, or even transfer a message to you from Spirit.

The whole 20 minutes I will be streaming a Love Vibration to you, that your body, and energy fields will use in what ever way you most desire.


if you want to have a sessions with me- NO -Cost – please┬ácome with a true desire to change and willingness to be open to the gift and the guidance.

If you do not plan to use this gift, leave it for someone else. However if you feell this is a gift just for you, at the right time, and you will open to your next step… then reach out, I would be honored to talk

I may have a few more spots – FREE – but only if you really want me to see into your energy field and Spiritual flow and help you find and transform any blocks to your Vision, Abundance or….


All things are possible now!

Live your Bliss Life Now