Free Free Free!

By February 9, 2009 Blog

What a wonderful thing,  freee! what does it mean to you? Well, first of all to me, it means freedom! There is little I value more than my freedom…freedom to be and express who I am. Freedom to choose who I am with and where I go. Freedom to create, love, enjoy and share. Financial freedom makes me feel soooo free, and wow, how that empowers all areas of life! In fact, feeling free financially, enhances and boosts all other kinds of feelings of freedom.

I know many people do not want to focus on money and think it is crass and uncaring to say you want wealth. Does that attitude serve you? Make you happier, more relaxed, loving, joyful, productive? No. Fact is, no matter what you were told or heard about money, it was most likely false! Not being in harmony with anything, creates discord, dis-ease, stress and worry.  Money issues and disagreements are the #1 cause of stress, divorce, depression and more! Imagine that!

So what would it be like if you were not stressed, fearful, angry or uncertain about money and where it is coming from and when? Wouldn’t that feel like freedom?! Yep! I would love it if you wrote down 5 things that feel like freedom to you. This will help you understand yourself and tune in to your freedom vibe better than ever! You could jot down somethig like “sailing, moving air, going fast in a car or getting a big bonus check at work”.  Or you could write things like “knownig I am loved and supported, having great friends, being in love, or closing a big deal in business”. You get the point.

So why do this, well, I believe that when we recognize that we and all tings in the world ar eenergy, and we tune in to how that feels, we have more power over our life. When you paty attention to how you feel, you begin to be able to chose more in the moment. When yo uknow what makes you feel free, you can then go into the feeling and see why that action or idea makes you feel good, free. You can tune in to how it feels when you are sialking or with friends and then you can intentionally decide to accesss that feelign more often. Once you get the hang of this, it is fast and almost automatic. As soon as you feel off center, you can stop and readjust yourself to the  feelings of freedom and happiness, and begin to feel that way in that moment. Talk about power!! Wow!

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