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By April 15, 2011 April 21st, 2011 Blog

Interested in a free sample of 26 days to more money? My new course, (which is just getting going, so join us (there’s LOTS of us!) by going HERE), ‘Your Rich Switch: 26 days to more money”… and you pick what you want to pay and it is step by step!

OK, here you go!

We are about to start our Daily Routine designed to create new habits, new beliefs, increased spiritual connection, tap into the flow of abundance and attract more money.

Here is a little of what we have done to get ready for this powerful process. Our focus is creating an internal environment within us that this is the absolute reality:

“I Am good. Money is Good. We Align”

Under the ‘I AM good’ part, here is something for you to affirm from the course, part of our daily routine:

AFFIRM: “I am now ready and willing to be fully me. I love and accept myself as I am. I support and inspire myself in becoming the rich, happy, loving me that my Soul intended. I know I am loved and supported by the Universe and by the Spirit of money. I now accept my riches. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you “

Here is one from the “Money is good” section


  1. My Divine state is Wealthy. I am good enough.
  2. Money is good, I am good, we align: Money is good, my ally, I invite and respect money
  3. I master my mind & riches flow to me. I stay present and see and accept the opportunities all around me for money to flow to me.

Come join us, it is a doorway to true transformation and true riches! Go here:



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