Free the Power in You

By September 15, 2008 September 30th, 2008 Blog

Want to free the enormous power inside you? You have unlimited power available to you, and I’ll bet over 80% of it is completely untapped!

We all are made up of the same thing… energy, love, light. We all have available to us the same amount of energy in any form, at any time. Why is it then that some people have unlimited physical energy, mental focus, emotional clarity and  creativity pouring out? Those people have learned to tap those internal resources.

Want to learn to unleash your inner power? Well, I have just the thing for you!! I have downloaded and designed a new, completely original and radical class on tuning in and tapping the limitless resources inside you. You will be stunned when you hear this…I GUARANTEE you have ever heard this before! This is not the ’same old crap’ repackaged!

We will talk to and work WITH our ego’s, yes, not fight or condemn them, but work in unison! We will uncover all the ‘faucets’ of amazing energy, potential for instant manifestation, shift limiting beliefs and more more more…

It is called “Free the Power in You” and I am offering a FREE preview call on September 25th. Amy Scott Grant, my partner in the highly acclaimed ‘Spirit of Money’ courses, is facilitating this with me, and it is going to be ‘newer than new thought’…it will literally dissolve struggle!

Sound good? You bet! So go sign up now for the FREE preview call, a whole hour packed with our usual cutting edge info and more. As always the preview call will be as juicy and filled with quality content and transformational shifts, not a bunch of fluff and sales!

Go to now and get on the list for the preview call, it’ll be the best thing you’ve done this year!!