Freedom from the past

By May 16, 2009 Blog

I know how much the memories from the past can get stuck inside of us. old-photos
Our minds replay the past events that upset us, our emotions can be triggered by someone acting in a similar way to a past event for us. We have a huge amount of energy that we send to the past to keep it alive. This is energy we could be using today to create our lives the way we want them to be today. We are not our past.

We can only really live in this moment. The ‘now’ moment is our place of power, as it is our place of experience. When we live in the present moment more fully, we have much more to choose form, we have much more clarity, joy and most of all control. Control in the sense of where we put our energy and focus. What we focus our awareness on is where we send out energy. Where we send ou energy is what gets power and it is the signal we send out to the Universe. The Universe then responds by sending back a similar energy , and that is law of attraction.

So if we are lost ion the past, if we have painful, sad and incomplete past experiences, we are using a good porton of our energy on keeping that alive. Release the past! The only benefit from the past is to take the experiences that we loved, that empowered us, that moved us forward and use the memory of the power, joy, love, confidence, strength, courage to enrich our current visions. We always have a current vision f how we want our lives to be. This is essentially our goals, whether we have stated that or not, and what we are internally asking the Universe for. In order to really empower our vision and pull it into our current reality, we add sensations and feelings to it as if it is already our current reality. We can access the past and pull forward a previous experience that has those feelings in order to really power up that new vision. Other than this, let the past go!

Why let the past go? Because it is not serving you in any way to waste your energy by keeping those past regrets and hurts alive. You can use that energy now to make a more enjoyable moment, to focus on looking for the opportunities the Universe is sending to you. You can use it to be more clear, focused, happy, loving, energetic. You can use that energy to be with your kids, help a neighbor or friend or treat yourself to some time alone. You could write a book, start an online business, learn to paint or meditate. You have such a full life, right herein this moment, and most people miss out on it. The richness of the present moment is not felt or experienced by most people because they are always in past, the future or fear. It does absolutely no good to get stuck in the past. It is over. Bless it, thank it and let it go.

Pull all your energy and attention into the now and see what is wonderful in your life. Look deeper and more closely at what is around you right now. Listen to the wind or rain, feel the sheets opn your bed, smell the flowers in your yard, watch a loved one closely as they talk. Pulling your energy into the now will enrich your life in the most amazing ways! Here is a healing call I did for my Intend Global Healing circle, free every Thursday. It is a powerful releasing of the past. You can repeat it as many times as you like! Enjoy… and recall your enrgy form the past and feel how full and fun your life can be, right now!

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