Hapy New year! Watch this for an abundant 2011!

By January 1, 2011 May 18th, 2018 Blog
Happy New Year!
“Thank you for sharing your vibrant, exuberant energy –
This makes 2011 exciting – and real!?”
Someone said that to me and I wanted to pass it on, it felt so nice receiving it. I choose that we all tune in to energy more deeply this year, it adds ease, grace and then you can be more receptive. I suggest you focus on Receiving this year. All else comes naturally, what we all need is being more receptive and allow ourselves to have what we desire.

This is a huge energy shift because most people do not believe deep inside they deserve to have what they want. We were all taught and believe we are not good enough.
See how this one simple, yet profound shift can open your life up to a new level!? It’s a new year… you just ‘leveled up’.  What are you going to create with it?
The energies this year are cresting, we have been building a tidal wave if energies, speeding up.
“Thank you Nan! For everything and all that
you do to keep us on track for abundance. 2011
is going to be the year that dreams are made of!
I believe it! I feel it! I know it! I deserve it! And
I will make? it happen!”
The time is now to get on top of the wave and ride it, doing what you love, allowing yourself to have the life you want.
You are the Phoenix… rising out of the ashes, and into your magical, meaningful and abundant life.
This is the year to lift yourself up and ACCEPT the life your dream of. This one act will start a landfall of  shifts and transformatins in your life.
“Love the music? and the video! GREAT way to start any day,
a new year, a new perspective, ANYTHING IS TRULY POSSIBLE.
Thank you!~Christina”
You will open up to flow of Divine abundance, and  will start experiencing the qualities of the life you choose, are envisioning.
If you haven’t seen the Mind Movie I made for you to inspire a fantastic and wealthy 20911, please do now! You can use it over and overto program your mind and  see some of the comments so far!
That is what the comments I have been sharing are about. Aren’t they exuberant, happy, appreciative energies? I wanted to share that... they were so tuned in they took time to direct those energies intentionally… towards me. Think about that, now I share it with you look how you can touch the world and create a ripple.
See the video here, leave a comment CLICK HERE
Ok, I am going to be totally transparent and tell you, I just watched it and I cried! I am watching it 2x a day for the whole month of Jan. Want to join me!?
Leave a comment and say it you are going to do it for the month!
Woo let’s ride the crest of this tidal wave of energy right into 2011. The year to do what you love, have fun, let go and allow yourself
to BE yourself and have what you want.
Enjoy… really… BE completely present and ‘in joy’!
Love, Nan
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