Have a talk with your ego

By September 26, 2008 September 30th, 2008 Blog

If you were on the “Ego Power” free preview call last night, you know what a rush it was.The info just poured out of us!

Not only did we give tons of really valuable information about what ego is, how to recognize it, how to talk to it and how to manifest with ease…but we offered a stunning extra bonus if you sign up for the class before midnight tonight. This extra bonus is worth over $200! And that is in addition to the over $800 in bonuses already being offered to all participants in this amazing upcoming class!

I highly recommend you get to FreethePowerinYou.com
see all the bonuses, all the class offers and listen to the call last night…you will not only get awesome info, but you will get a very unique and beautiful ‘messages from spirit’ booklet.

I am taking the weekend off, all this excitement getting ready for this groundbreaking class has me buzzing! Enjoy your weekend and have a little chat with your ego. And it might go something like this:

“I know you’re not thrilled about this, and I know you’re resisting, even though I really want to sign up. But I want you to know that I truly believe it is in BOTH our best interests to do this. So let’s give it a shot!”

And then sign up now before your ego changes its mind!

You Must Believe In Yourself Enough To Say Yes…..