Nan Akasha Bliss Mentor

Nan Akasha Bliss Mentor

High Income Hypnosis ™
by Nan Akasha, CHT
Transformational Hypnosis for Personal, Spiritual, Financial and Business Performance and Excellence
“The easiest way to break bad habits is through hypnosis” Newsweek”

“Nan has the uncanny ability to get to the heart of what’s blocking you from the steps you want to take” Denise Ray, RE Investor, Montana USA
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Nan uses High Income Hypnosis to break through invisible barriers that hold you back from clarity, confidence, courage, and cash. No matter what your goal, you can achieve it by eliminating the roadblocks within and increase the speed of your results.

Nan Akasha, CHT  International Speaker and Founder of Transformational Hypnosis and High Income Hypnosis ™, Nan is a High Income Business and Executive Coach and Sales Strategist. New York City, Austin

  • Remove the invisible blocks
  • Reprogram your Brain
  • Unlock Your High Income Potential
  • Tap you into your purpose, clarity and creativity
  • Reclaim your power, confidence and Freedom
  • Increase your performance and results in any field
  • Quadruple Sales Results

I went to a hypnotist… It worked. I swear to god it worked. It was the greatest decision I ever made in my life! Matt Damon, Actor on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

hypnotherapy helped to reduce anxiety and feelings of helplessness” BBC News

Experts agree: real lasting change is at a subconscious level/in your beliefs. This is achieved only by: Hypnosis, Repetition and Experience. High Income Hypnosis ™ . Scroll down to hear actual Clients after their Hypnosis session!

  • Did you know that Einstein created the Theory of Relativity under Hypnosis… and used hypnosis daily?
  • Did you know Rachmaninoff gave up his career and a composer after a failure and got back his confidence and wrote his most famous Concerto after working with a Hypnotherapist?
  • Did you know that Top Athletes, Business Executives, Actors, Performers and even Astronauts use Hypnosis to clear fear, focus and achieve their peak performance?

“Hypnosis Gives you more confidence” Psychology Today

“I don’t think I’d have made these sales without this deeper Hypnosis work”
“Absolutely phenomenal… I had not had any interest whatsoever in hypnosis, but a few weeks ago I did one of her Hypnosis audios… it was absolutely incredible.. all of my preconceived notions of Hypnosis melted away.
I cannot say enough just how powerful it is. Nan knows how to get straight to your issues and what is blocking you. She guides you through these hypnosis sessions that are very deep healing and lasting.

She also has an incredible business mind…  I learned a lot about how to structure my business, how to view and present myself, how to sell myself. So not only does she go into the deep spiritual part… but she is very much hands on and how to do  business .
I just want to say if you are interested in Nan… explore her website, videos, audios more… give her a call.
She is a genius at helping you get what you want out of your life.”

“hypnotherapy had a massive 93% success rate” Alfred A. Barrios, 1970 f hypnosis research study. In particular, the overall lasting success rates of the different therapies:  hypnotherapy had a massive 93% success rate after only 6 sessions compared to only a 72% success rate with behavioral therapy (after 22 sessions on average), and only 38% success rate with psychotherapy (after an average of 600 sessions) Conclusion: for changing habits, thought patterns, and actual behavior hypnosis was not only the most effective method, but that it needed less time / sessions than any other type of therapy.

More Client Success Stories

“I knew I had to face this, and I am so glad that I got to do it with you! I am really grateful”

Now I REALLY know what it’s like to be stuck and how stuff that happened a long time ago can really hold you back…Because of what you thought about it and what you’ve created to protect yourself from it...”

Thank you for your help, Thank you for Having Been inspired to create these kind of sessions
and I am really grateful to have the opportunity to give testimonials for you, because I think this is REALLY EXCELLENT”

It is so worth going through your blocks and facing your fears… because then you can see things better... I got what I needed to get out of this, I’m very pleased... THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER” Betsy Dunda, Health Coach after a High Income Hypnosis session March 7, 2012

Do you want better results, income or a Higher level of Performance in your life? Do you want to break out of what is blocking you within from achieving what you desire without?

Are you an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, executive or leader?

Hi… My name is Nan Akasha, Award winning Master Hypnotherapist, Mind over Money Business Mentor, #1 Bestselling Author. I am on a Mission… to do what The Universe/God designed me to BE and do… to help Women breakout of the old self image, the old thinking , the old fears, the old results and the old income. 

WHY? I get so many questions about my High Income Hypnosis Session and it gets such profound results... I have seen people break free of patterns that have kept them in fear, poverty and emotional anguish for 25 years or more… I have seen people find freedom from a lifetime of family fears and limiting beliefs… I have seen people uncover their true purpose, their courage and power and transform limiting inner agreements. I have not yet met a Fear that can stand up to High Income Hypnosis Session… even ones that have been paralyzing for decades.

Now I want YOU to have a CHANCE TO BREAKFREE… Don’t hesitate, take action now because this is what you asked Spirit for.. but you have to say “YES” or nothing will change!

Your performance determines your income, and your satisfaction. To FULFILL YOUR PURPOSE and POTENTIAL you must BREAKFREE From the Blocks inside your mind that are STOPPING you from reaching your BEST.

This is what you have been searching for…An all new way to go to the CAUSE and CORE of what is holding you back. Maybe you know what you can do to get more clients, but you cannot get yourself to do it. You do busy work, procrastinate and get distracted by all kinds of things.

Change comes from a new experience. Theory and intellectual information do not give you a new experience… High Income Hypnosis ™ or DOING IT… are the only things that give you a NEW EXPERIENCE.

 Private High Income Hypnosis goes to the CORE… the subconscious…you will experience deep, profound change… not just in your mind, but in your Being, your knowing, your understanding… you emerge a new person.

This method gets underneath the story, the who, what, where… underneath the symptoms, fears, distractions and procrastination is THE LEVEL OF CAUSE… this is where you make real change.

Book a time to talk to me now… I intend to change the world and tip the percentage of people making 6 Figure Incomes, Multi – 6 Figure and Beyond… but there is only one of me… and this is catching on like Wildfire!

Click the button below and I’ll be breaking you free of your blocks soon!

Infinite riches and blessings, Nan

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“What is High Income Hypnosis ™ and what Can it help me with?”

High Income Hypnosis ™: my own powerful hypnotic process, available NO WHERE ELSE, we go directly to the cause and shift it at the level of cause… so  you can generate new effects! (More money…) faster! THIS IS A UNIQUE PROCESS and nothing else out there OFFERS High Income Hypnosis ™: plus 28 years of Building businesses, Spiritual teaching and energy work, and mind over money expertise.

  • Remove Blocks: mental, emotional, subconscious, conscious… anytime we know what we want and are not taking action towards it, we are blocked… and this INTERNAL blockage must be shifted, before we can make progress toward our goals and dreams. NO amount of effort or hard work will un-lodge what  High Income Hypnosis ™can do it a short period of time.
  • Money Freedom: change your story with money and know why you have struggled with it, lost it, feel scared with it or anything else that is limiting  (NO ONE ELSE DOES THIS). In this world you need money to thrive, and fulfill your potential. Money is freedom. Knowing how to manifest money anytime is true freedom. You must breakfree of your money prison of emotions and fears, beliefs and limitations around money to feel and live free. High Income Hypnosis ™ is a true path to freedom! *This is my specialty!
  • Beliefs: uncover the deep seated, often unknown beliefs that reside within you Whether they came from your family’ s most people’s beliefs do, or you have developed them during challenges and experiences in life, these run your life. There is no other process out there that actually goes to this level of cause and makes the change there~ and YOU experience it yourself! Design a new belief system that supports your greatest potential and let’s your brilliance shine.
  • Achieve and Exceeding Goals: If you are tired of not meeting your personal, business or financial goals, and are truly ready to start  exceeding your goals… and quickly, then this is for you
  • Increase Performance: If you want to make an impact, grow your income and live a BIG purpose, you HAVE to increase you ability to perform skillfully in many situations. Whether you are an executive woman, or on the rise in your career, or an entrepreneur, new or old, there are MANY areas you need to increase your performance. Speaking, client conversations, presentations,  negotiations, asking for what you want, expressing yourself . ALL this and so much more improves with High Income Hypnosis ™
  • Worthiness, Deserving and Being “good Enough”: The #1 BIGGEST BARRIERto success in any area, even in taking care of ourselves… is the rampant, irrational, but STRONG Beliefs we have about ‘not being good enough” or worthy in some way. I have yet to meet anyone without some level of this, and when you level up… it comes out to stop you BIG TIME! This MUST be dealt with to bring you into your fullest potential. This goes directly to the cause, the reasons and the level where your self image may be re-designed and empowered.Remember: even highly successful and wealthy people have this fear and challenge, get it dealt with now, so you can enjoy your wealth!!
  • Sabotage: End Self Sabotage and Success Sabotage!We are all up against our own subconscious mind and the beliefs that were installed there, without our agreement before we were 7. This is the level of cause, so this is where you MUST go to interrupt the familiar patterns you play out over and over to sabotage yourself from being, doing and having what you desire.
  • Terminate old agreements: known or unknown, we make subconscious agreements about what we will do or not do, be or not be and we need to know these and rewrite them so we can effortlessly go in a new direction.
  • A New Experience = fastest way to get a new result = a New Supportive Belief: you have your own unique experience during your High Income Hypnosis ™ sessions, and this is priceless. You cannot deny the Truth you feel and know inside and your subconscious has to shift the beliefs to include this new experience and knowing. You now have your own undeniable proof and this changes your perspective, your feelings about yourself, and what you are aware of.
  • Be Seen, Be Attractive, Be Magnetic: To be a leader, entrepreneur or performer and if you want to have an IMPACT on your ideal client, your bank account, your position, your lifestyle or your world… you have to be seen. People need to know who you are and what you do. You can’t play small or hide in the shadows and prosper.
  • Receive: Many people clog their receiving pipeline. They do not allow their good (promotions, clients, money…) into their lives, even if they have worked hard and long and do not get th desired results. Have you tried for the same goal over and not achieved it? Do you almost get what you want, but then miss out because ‘something happens”.
  • Fears: Conquer fears, free yourself to take action towards your desires. Whether it is fear of Rejection or criticism, from clients or family members, or a fear of losing it all after working hard… or a fear of not making the money or following through… if you carry a fear it will stop you and torture you… until you move through it. In High Income Hypnosis ™ you see fear as the illusion it is, you see and feel your true strength and Divine abundant nature.
  • Remember, release, complete: In High Income Hypnosis ™ sessions anything can happen… and it is all for your highest good at this time. You will remember what you need to know, you will release what no longer serves you, you will complete old agreements, patterns and fears. You may even have memories of other lives or ancestors… no matter what it is , you only see what is for your healing, your breakthru.
  • Uncover and re-unite yourself to wholeness and access your original blueprint, talents, purpose: You can uncover and discover anything that is relevant to your path in a High Income Hypnosis ™ session. Why you are stuck or have a fear, what you truly want, who is in your head holding you back, you can even reconnect with parts of yourself you have denied and separated from.
  • Unclog creativity: Design your business plan, marketing and services or products:  You have an abundant source of creativity, ideas and knowledge available to you, but you can block it from being clear to you. You can get answers on your next best step, your marketing plan, or your next speech.   Whatever is for you good, is available to you to access. High Income Hypnosis ™  will unlock it for you.
  • Learn your habits and patterns that STOP you” Training you to know yourself so you notice when you STOP and get off track due to fear, lack beliefs and how to get back on track fast
  • Go DIRECT to the Source: High Income Hypnosis ™  goes to what REALLY is the CAUSE of your inaction, fears around money or what others will think
  • Master your mind: as you become aware of what is going on within you that is LITERALLY determining your life experience from your $ income to your love life… then to think what you want and increase your speed of manifesting what you want


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Hear What My Clients Say When they Experience High Income Hypnosis ™


“Whew… talk about direct, that was a big one! … You know how to guide, that’s for sure… you eloquently put out in my own words … it was like a poem ‘

 I feel grounded, like I am home, and it feels good!…Everything just feels right”  

“I admire how you are direct, yet you share it with a kind manner… it shifts the whole viewpoint”   Denise Hale, VIP

“You really hit the nail on the head”   After her first High Income Hypnosis Session, Lexis sent this: “Thanks a billion, Nan! … it looks like my instincts were right! (that you’re ‘the one’ I’m supposed to get my next level help from! ) You really hit the nail on the head when you made your interpretations- you’re amazing. Again, thanks. I feel now that I’m going to be a huge testimonial for you icon smile Money Manifestation Method Mastermind 2012 “You put the final frosting on the cake, so to speak, and now I really feel like I can move forward. My story has the happy ending and I’m about to make it come true starting right now! Thanks to you and your help. It must be so gratifying to be ‘you’!” Lexis Johnson 
The past life regression was pretty profound for me” “having that sense of that quiet, calm confidence… VERY VERY Good for me… I feel stronger right now”

Jeremy Ademec

“Dearest Special Nan,

I had forgotten completely how it was and is when you have your kundalini awaken, this one and one with you is still so strong,that even though you are not in front of me my head is still spinning,just at the thought of you. no words can explain what went on in me. It was like over turning everything and making it anew.

Reverence and Gratitude to you Nan from my heart, the experience was really what I was not expecting,as I said your voice was and is still coming through to me from afar as if its on a three D the voice of an angel ,showing me the pathway, the things around me just seems to take on a new color, everything is full of warmth, and all this with a spin here and there of my head, make things to be unreal.I am aware that it will take a little time to settle down but at the same time I know the change has begun, Its not so easy to put in words yet The amazing thing is its real the synergy and synapsis that working around and within is more than what words can explain. I wanted to let you know  that i do appreciate the love and the greatness and strength of desire to reach every soul to wake them up.I can tell you Nan  I’m now upside down,I have to stop for a moment as my head is turning again, I embrace you with all my love” Gracey Richards[/features_box_light_green]
Thanks so much for your help yesterday.  That is the first thing I wrote down after the call “I CHOOSE TO LIVE EACH MOMENT IN JOY!”.  And, that is the way I choose to live each moment of my life from this point forward.  The hypnosis session was great.  This is the breakthrough I really needed and I am very much appreciative for your guidance. Much love & blessings, Pat”
Nan, I had a quite unexpected and profoundly powerful experience on Monday night that I want to share with you. At the end of the clearing, as you brought us back down into our bodies, I had a simultaneous insight and volcanic release of a unconscious agreement that I made with my brother who killed himself 5 years ago. I realized that I agreed to be as lonely and despairing as he had been, especially in regards to relationships with men. I wailed, wept, shook, felt like I was vomiting pain and finally went outside and laid down on the grass under a tree. I took a sea salt bath with my crystals and in the end felt free and calm. When we began the phone call, I was in sadness and despair over my current relationship. This is a deeply profound shift for me, as right now, I have been behaving and being in a new way within the relationship I am currently in; consciously practicing allowing, being, patience and trust. All things work together in synchronicty……………..I feel so FREE…………
My deepest thanks for being the catalyst for this clearing”  Peggy Lamb[/features_box_light_green]
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“That was amazing… that was really cool, I do feel different.. something really shifted.. that was just really excellent… it’s expanding on the coaching model I have and making it so much more clear… that’s BIG, that’s HUGE, makes it more easy and comfortable to do”        

Betsy Dunda, Health Coach shares how she feels after a High Income Hypnosis Session


Learn more! Two Audios on Benefits of Hypnosis and a guided Hypnosis to “Monetize Your Mojo”… and access part of you that you suppressed.


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