Imagine in just one month feeling ease with Money

By July 30, 2009 July 31st, 2009 Blog

Do you feel you are able to manifest wealth when you desire it? Do you feel at ease with money, income and cash flow? Do you trust within you that you are always provided for? Do your dreams feel far away and seemingly impossible to achieve? Do you feel like your life has passed you by and you may never have the wealth that will make your dreams a possibility?8423_relaxin_in_tahaa

So many people I talk to feel lost, sad, and full of regrets. Feel like their dreams have faded to dust because they can never seem to get money to come to them in a consistent and abundant way. Many people today feel lost and scared, unsure of their future and in fear of not having enough income to survive. Most of all I find people feel confused, frustrated and even angry. Where is the money? Why won’t it come to them? Many wonder what is blocking me? What do I do to prosper?

Today the ‘Manifest Your Wealth Now’ class starts… have you heard the preview call? Are you ready to open the door to your wealth?

If you’re like nearly everyone in the world, you have challenges, emotions and fears around Money. You’ve been battling your poverty consciousness and limiting wealth beliefs for YEARS. Maybe you don’t know why or you feel stuck and are not sure what is blocking you. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself why?

I mean really, if you’re a divine being from Source, blessed and loved by true Unconditional love and you’re capable of limitless possibility, why is it so dang hard to get your finances under control?

Here’s what I have discovered:

You are meant to BE Wealthy… in fact by NOT BEing Wealthy, you are not aligned with your true purpose and living your full potential! Your “job” is to BE your true Authentic Wealthy self. To explore the world and discover what you love and to share your unique talents with others… and prosper.

If you have felt stuck and not able to take your life in the direction you desire, good news!! This feeling of discomfort with where you are now, your DESIRE for more wealth, all this means; You are ready to transform now! Desire is the evidence that Source, Divine Energy (God) is ASKING to express itself through you! You do desire wealth, you naturally want wealth… this is the way it is meant to be!

Now you can learn to use your built in systems to create more inner peace, confidence, focus, clarity, joy, and success. Wealth is your natural state.

You’ve probably wondered why you’re here? What’s your purpose? Were you made for something grander? Why aren’t you wealthy… you are a good, hardworking person, right?

Guess what… none of that matters!! Yes, it’s shocking, but true! Your dreams are not impossible or too risky to pursue. Your wealth does not depend on you obeying anyone’s rules, or working hard for 30 years. Your wealth is yours, no matter what, you just have to know how to access it!
You can create a win-win with yourself. You don’t have to manipulate, overcome, overpower, or otherwise muscle anyone, including yourself to get what you want. You only have to understand how you work, how the Universe and energy works, and how to align these systems.
Join the class now and find out how
And you can follow your bliss — listen to your Highest Self — but you WON’T have to go broke, start over, take a long time, be exhausted, go back to school, follow a lot of rules, or anything else you THINK you have to do to live your Wealthy, passionate life.
Now is the time. Now is the only time, ever. If you do not learn this now, what will happen tomorrow, next month, next year? What if you keep on the same path, nothing changes… will you be OK with that?
Are you ready to feel good? Are you ready to release the doubt and fear and step into a new phase of life? Here is your opportunity. Take it. You have asked and asked, right? You have dreamed and wished and hoped. Here is your answer… empower yourself now and begin to live your dreams.
All you have to lose is the pain and struggle of the past … and that’s a good thing! I know you can make your life happen, but only you can decide. Only you can act. Only you can say “Yes, now is my time and I am taking the reigns to my life!”
Invest in yourself, your life, your family and your happiness! This is a doorway to being a conscious manifester. I encourage you to find the courage and commitment within you now. There is no time like now, literally.
In order to receive theMoney you have wanted, you must take action and claim it. In order to have what you want you must know how to communicate your vision. In order to do what you most desire, you must trust that desire within you… it is the power to succeed. Now come find out how!
Imagine in just one month, feeling ease and abundance with Money, in a way you never knew before…
You must choose… no one else can do it for you
Love, Nan
  • 3 Class audios
  • 2 Daily Routine Audios: one 3 minute, one 15 minute, to continue to enhance and reprogram
  • All exercises, processes, visualizations and meditation done during class will be edited out as individual audios you can use over and over
  • A 4th Week Audio and email inspiration to keep you on track and take you to the next level
  • A worksheet for each session
  • 3 Bonuses worth $81
  • Free attendance to a Group Wealth Coaching Call
  • The powerful “Be an Excellent Receiver” audio class
Experiential learning is real learning… Have you heard the preview call?