Law of attraction, twitter and social media

By April 24, 2009 Blog

People still want to connect, it is in our nature.
Law of attraction and twitter are made for each other!twitter-dvd_jacket_front

We have a need for companionship. Human nature involves wanting to connect and relate. Friends are such a gift. We all know when we have had that one incredible friend that is always there for us, no matter what, it feels wonderful! Did you ever notice that , as adults, you often have less opportunity to meet and make friends? Well, the internet has so much potential in so many ways, and now it is apparent, a way to connect again. Think about the law of attraction and you will begin to see the amazing potential available here!

Want to know how to use twitter for your self and for your business? Here is a fantastic new DVD that is so easy to follow, because it shows you exactly how to use it with actual views of the computer screen. It leads you through how and where to set up your accounts well as a dozen or or other resources that make it easy and automated to keep up with your friends and posts. It even gives you great tips on what to talk about, share and say to optimize your friends and get the most out of the experience. There are great tips on how to use it for your small business and much more. You can get it here: Twitter for Small Business

Social media is turning out to be a way to connect with like minded people, and there are no barriers! No boundaries of time and space. we can connect with someone across the globe and in the country as easily as someone down the block. That is staggering! There is so much potential. If you are lonely, here is a way to feel conneted, share your passions and see what others all over the world are doing.. If you feel isolated or donot live somehwere with people in yur niche, you can find them easily. You can get incredible ideas, inspiration and reosurces. I find interesting and helpful info nearly every day. There are truly opportunities

If you are not using twitter and other social media like facebook, you will want to give it a try. It was daunting at first, I admit it, and I still do not keep updated with facebook as often as I would like. However, twitter is so easy and fast and limits what you can say each time. This allows you to be able to spen little bits of time and still stay connected. The potential if you are building, starting or expanding a business are incredible too. You can meet people who are in your niche, see what they do, partner with them, cross promtoe and more. Use your imagination and get creative. It is fun, inspiring and limitless!

If you are into law of attraction and using it consciously to attract the people, resources and ideas, here is a fantastic pipeline! Say you are focused on creating something, say money, a business or clients. You ask for what you want and then Look for it. I always teach to be open for your opportunites to come from anywhere. We open a pipeline when we make a request from the universe. Well, this is a wonderful pipeline through which the Universe can bring you all kinds of ideas and opportunities!

So get on twitter and get started. Or if you are on twitter, learn how to use it to your highest good, ease and get the results you want. Connect with people again, even if you work from home on the computer! Combining law of attraction and twitter and social media can be dynamite!

If you want to learn more about Law of Attraction, what it is, how it works and what are the lies and truths about it, join me for a one night class on May 6th. Check it out here:  Master LOA and Win the Game of life!