Louise Hay & “The Secret” & law of attraction were on Oprah again!

By February 12, 2008 Blog

(I wrote this blog to post the other day, but somehow it did not post…I wanted to still post it to talk about it a bit, so please comment if you saw the show or have thoughts about Law of Attraction going mainstream!…)

I just wanted you to know that Author, Louise Hay was featured on Oprah this week. The show was on the law of attraction AGAIN, including the movie “The Secret”, once again.

I love that this is getting such mainstream attention! It is good for everything and everyone when positive, empowering knowledge and tools become widespread. My favorite thing is when ways to create your life, uplift yourself and others come into popular light. The more we all know this, the more fun we can have co creating. When everyone realizes, believes and acts from knowing they are the only power in their lives and they can have what they want and it has nothing to do with anyone else…we can all have fun enjoying our creations and being happy!

If you haven’t seen “The Secret”…which is all about the law of attraction, get it now! I have seen it over 50 times. I even have shown it to my kids several times. There is also a book.

They got it too, they saw the part about the boy who wants a bike and what he does to get it, and they really took it to heart. They manifest many amazing things on a regular basis!

As I mention in my last blog on Louise Hay’s book, “You Can Heal Your Life”, helped save mine. She’s a wonderful, loving woman who has changed so many lives!
You can get her new movie “You can Heal Your Life” too, by clicking the link to my blog ( a trailer).
I couldn’t recommend her more highly!

I also recommend as top notch teachings; Abraham Hicks. Esther and Jerry Hicks are amazing and the teaching of Abraham are the most uplifting, positive, simple and to the point on the law of attraction I have ever seen! Their book “Ask and it is Given” is five star and I get their bi monthly audios which are excellent.

Enjoy all the wonderful information out there on The law of Attraction, it will change your life in the most wonderful ways!