Love is in the air…

By May 18, 2009 May 22nd, 2009 Blog

Love is in the air… do you feel it? Do you have it? Do you want it?


Are you looking for a soulmate? Wishing for love in all the wrong places? Does your heart whisper romance, and no one is there to share it? Has your heart been broken and you are ready for love, but scared or don’t know where to look or what to do? This week at Create Your Own Reality we will focus on opening our hearts, attracting true love, healing our past hurt and loving ourselves.
I had such an amazing weekend of love, especially yesterday! I had declared this week as “love” week here at Create Your Own Reality. I have lined up some great classes, free calls, healings and such for the week. Well, just that small amount of focus on the idea of making “Love” a theme this week attracted the most amazing things! I live with my beautiful, and amazing boyfriend Chris. He is such a loving, kind, caring, supportive and giving man. I feel loved all the time, and appreciated too! So being showered with love is not unusual here, and yet it astounded me what happened and I wanted to share it with you!
Friday night Chris took me on a date, planned it and found the best Chinese restaurant, (authentic) I have been to since I was in London last! Then we saw Star Trek. Saturday we had friends coming over for dinner and he got up early, left me a note to sleep and relax and he did the grocery shopping and bought me flowers! We had a wonderful day including making love and napping! He knows I have had some stress from my ex, and so he would show up several times each day asking “What can I do for you now? How can I suuport you?”… what a love!
Sunday I had no real plans except to relax. I woke up to kisses and more “what can i do for you today”? We snuggled and chatted, my favorite thing to do! Then he mentioned breakfast and the next thing I knew I was being served breakfast in bed! That is a first! He brought me a tray with a gorgeous omelet, made from egg whites onions and cream cheese with multi seed bread, yum! There was even a flower decorating the tray! After we ate, I still did not want to get out of bed, so he brought me warm raspberry pie with whip cream in bed! I savored it and then settled in for a short nap. The rest of the day continued to be so full of love, love making and special attention! We went for a walk in the woods by our house (aw a rattlesnake too, a big one! Hmmm… transformation!), spent an hour or so in the jacuzzi and pool and then Chris took me out again! This time we went to see “Angels and Demons” at the Alamo Drafthouse, a fabulous group of theatres where you get served food and drinks during the movie! The day ended in his arms, and as I drifted off to sleep, close to this amazing man, filled with gratitude and love, I thought “Thank you for this, Thank you for Chris, I love Chris, more of this please”
See what just a choice of focus on love attracted? You can do this too…see what I have for you this week (below) and invite love into your life!
  1. Law of Attraction Truths and Lies Class: Wednesday May 20th at 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific 90 minutes includes the mp3 download of the class and a printable chart! Learn how LOA really works and attract love,wealth, health…anything with the support of the Universe!
  2. Intend Global Healing Call: Free healing call on attracting love, healing and opening your heart. Thursday May 21st at Noon Central
  3. Join me for a FREE hour with LOA Love Coach Catherine Behan as she discuses how to BE a soulmate to attract a soulmate! This Soul Mate Mastermind Preview Call is specifically for high achieving go-getters who are finally getting around to putting themselves at the top of their priority list.
  4. Coaching Sale ends tomorrow! Want a personal, passionate, inspiring guide to help you uncover your dreams and design a personal Manifestation Map to lead you to your ideal life?
Start by deciding to love yourself this week, no matter what! Then look for love, it is all around you!
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