Magnetic process for increasing wealth in 26 days

By March 24, 2011 April 11th, 2011 Blog

Would you be interested in a Magnetic process for increasing wealth in 26 days?

Are you feeling frustrated because the changes you want are not coming fast enough?

The energies have been jumping in speed so much since New Year’s that many are seeing almost instant manifestation… but is it what you want, or do not want? You can leverage these energy jumps, but right now, we have to be clear and committed to focusing on what we desire, not what we disapprove of.

You will get either, quickly!

I want to encourage you to begin to treat yourself with more compassion, yet more accountability!

Too many people have both of these issues:

  1. They do not treat them selves well. They do not feel they are good enough, they deserve good things, or what they really want, and they put others first, not taking time and care to support, nurture and love themselves.
  2. Often on a spiritual path, people begin to feel like things should be easier, more flowing and do not make the committed, consistent effort to make money or attract clients, soulmates or other achieve things they want.

What do you need?  A loving kick in the butt? Maybe, but more likely what you really need is to get upset, or get fired up, or get fed up with what results you have and build the courage and clarity and commitment to make the changes no matter what.

What happens when you unleash these two forces on yourself? (Compassionate self care/support, and Spiritual, financial and inspired action Accountability)


And isn’t that what you feel right now? Frustrated with lack; lack of money, lack of change, lack of growth, lack of __________(fill in the blank)……

So why not give it a try… it is a powerful combo! Velvet gloves I guess, soft and loving, supportive, and then focused, accountable, consistently keeping yourself on point to do the things you know will make the difference!

Tomorrow I will give you a powerful example: “If you KNEW without a shadow of a doubt, that if you did the following things, you would attract $10,000/month, would you commit to doing it every day for the next 26 days, and do whatever it took to keep yourself accountable?”

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