Magnetic Soul Readings *Listen to what people are saying about their readings*

Bliss Intuitive Sessions with Nan are deep, powerful, healing, revealing, releasing and most of all exciting because you open to a whole new level of connection and understanding of who yo ureally are and what you are meant to do.

Then you

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Soul Integration Level 1: Energy Attunement including aChakra Cleanse & Activation, an Aura Clearing,  Block  detection and Realignment and is included in

Soul Integration Level 2:

Soul Integration Level 3: 

Ready to know the life you designed before you came into this life? Want insight into the life your SOUL INTENDED?

NOW IS THE TIME! There has never been a more important time to connect with your authentic self and embrace your brilliance. You have a mission and we are all being called to live that now. No more waiting, no more fear, now more playing small. Time to know who you a re and BE IT!

The purpose of these sessions is to give you direction, clarity, purpose, passion and express yourself. Create the life you were meant to live, and enjoy!

“Hi Nan,

“Wow!!! My Soul Reading on the 5th was spot on!!!  Thank you.  I’m looking forward to listening to the recording again.  There was so much valuable information.  I’m anxious to hear it again. Many Blessings, Karen Riordan”

Uncover your:

  1. Soul’s Signature
  2. Soul Purpose
  3. Soul Perspective
  4. Soul’s Desire/goal
  5. Soul’s Talent(s)
  6. Gateway to Power

Here is what one client said about her Soul Reading:

“Hugs Nan
Words can’t express how much I appreciate you and your gifts.  I so enjoyed the reading today and so did my sister Barb, she really resonated with you.  She and I often resonate to different people and I always share with her the tools I have found, but most times she doesn’t participate.  However when she read about the readings she said yep I want to do that!

Hearing my soul details today put many things into perspective.  I had just done a clearing right before the call and it was a past life and I was being held down by a man and I was gagged and bound so I couldn’t move.  It was all related to his jealousy that I was in demand more than he was as a healer so he was making sure I couldn’t be “out there”.  I’ve kept myself back for years, yet knowing I need to be out there but only getting my feet wet.   Well I’m ready to dive in now so thank you for bringing forth the other pieces I needed to hear and feel.
I look forward to the wealth alignment session.”

Suzi Dalling, Ventura CA

in a Magnetic Soul Reading you will find your:
  • Soul Purpose: you choose approx. 3 missions, “big learning” purposes for your life. Knowing these gives you clarity at deeper level about what is best for you, the reason you have had either attraction to or struggle with certain things in life and more. You feel like you now know what you are meant to
  • Soul Signatures: the source of your behaviors and traits
  • Soul Perspective: the source of your beliefs and dimension of focus for this life
  • Soul Goal: discover balance and your advantages
  • Soul Talents: uncover your abilities, natural gifts and unleash your creativity. Maximize your potential.
  • Soul Gateway to power: what is holding you back and offering you a gateway to power by conquering it?
  • Readings include some Guidance from your Spirit guides & Energy body reading
  • I will always have the underlying intent of clearing, cleansing, charging and your magnetic field, your energy & light body.
  • I always hold the intention and space and uncover your life’s mission/purpose, to reveal itself, clear away the disguise and you will find info coming thru faster and more often and increase the magnetic passion energy

Gain clarity on who you are, what you came to do and why you have certain challenges, traits, behaviors and blockages. Discover your true purpose, clear a space for the REAL YOU to be uncovered!

Have a deep breakthrough, clarify your vision, or align with your money and purpose… Nan’s 25+ years of Energy work, healing, Hypnosis, coaching and deep inner Soul Journeys and Integration work make her a powerful portal for your next step, Soul Blueprint and higher vibration of LOVE & Prosperity to come through.

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Soul/Intuitive Sessions

“Dear Nan,
Thank you so much for the wonderful Magnetic Soul Reading today. The awareness and energy of the information is going to make a tremendous difference in my life, and business aspirations. Thank you for sharing your gifts. I look forward to our continued connection.
Deep gratitude, Jen”


Go to the next deeper level of your Soul’s design for your life!

Advanced Soul Readings are for those who have had a Soul Reading and want to go deeper.

Advanced Readings include:

  • Powers: Spirituality & Soul world connections you can merge with
  • Challenges: Transformation, limits, inner blocks. See where challenges, which are opportunities for growth, but prevent your Soul’s progress. Uncover your 2 primary challenges you took on at birth and see how opening to your Soul’s guidance you can overcome and move forward.
  • Paths: Discover your paths to Enlightenment and acting from your Soul
  • Investigations: wisdom to achieve self empowerment and move through negative situations
  • Living the Life your Soul Intended: happiness and peace
  • Readings include some Guidance from your Spirit guides & Energy body reading

Get your Advanced Reading today, and see even deeper into your Soul’s design for your life! Buy one session or A COMBINATION of Magnetic Soul Reading and Advanced Soul Reading together and save!

Soul/Intuitive Sessions