Here is a Magnetic Wealth Affirmation and blessing process for you…

By August 8, 2011 Blog
So many of you ask me for more of my Magnetic Wealth Affirmations… and I LOVE creating them… or rather co-creating them with Spirit… that I have been inspired to do “Magnetic Wealth Affirmation Mondays”…sounds fun, right?!
So each Monday you will get a new one.. remember Magnetic wealth affirmations are different… you feel it, hold and intention in your heart and then amplify the energies, so you raise your vibration.
So here is your first one… this is more than an affirmation… it is a process that reminds you of  your true vibration…. your Soul purpose.… and increases your ability to access, accept and enjoy more light, love, joy, power and wealth.
(For more information on how to use magnetic wealth affirmations effectively and 100’s more, see my book “Already Rich: Secrets to Master Your Money Mind” … also there is an excerpt from my book…. )

Here is a Magnetic Wealth Affirmation and blessing process for you…


I AM Divine Love… (Seek to feel the Divine UNCONDITIONAL love… notice how it feels, moves and where you feel it)

I AM Divine Joy… (now you have bathed, healed, cleared and filled yourself with Divine unconditional love, you accept that nothing is withheld from you… unconditional love does not withold anything from you… it only says “Yes”…so now you unlock to door to the power of JOY)

I AM Divine Peace… (Joy has permeated your being and cells and raised your vibration….now be fully present and open to feel the Divine peace permeate your being)

I AM Divine Light…. (feel into yourself… seek to feel the Divine light vibrating in every cell and every layer of your being)

I AM Divine Wealth… (Feel the field of abundance all around and within you, moving, flowing… and open to the flow of prosperity…remember “”wealth” means “an abundance of  ________________….. you fill in the blank (money, love, fun, clients…)

I AM Divine…

I AM Divine.

This will raise your vibration…your state of consciousness and awareness = feel good! 🙂 Hold the intention in your heart to be in ACCEPTANCE… this is a high vibration where you  re-access your power, unplug from anything outside of you having an effect on you.

Please share with me below in the comments what you think and how this works for you… go try it right now! You will be smiling!