Me, Terah & The Conscious Creation Radio Show

By January 23, 2009 January 29th, 2009 Blog

“Nan has a way of condensing law of attraction and metaphysical concepts into an easy to understand and fun way, I thoroughly recommend anything she does! Just listening to your interview, my o my you are goooood!I love the way you put it over, you know your stuff, we must have you on again!
Neil Long

My interview is up today at Conscious Creation Radio Show. I hope you will go visit, listen and see what else they offer.

Neil Long of has a new internet radio show all about Law of Attraction  and a new level of the teachings of Abraham (of Abraham Hicks). It is a very feel good and very uplifting show and I was honored to be invited to be on it. Neil works along with Nina Ferrel and answers the audiences questions for the first half of the show and then Neil and I talk the second half. Check it out!

When yo ugo to the site, and get to the page with the shows, scroll to the bottom of the page and Look for the one that says “Nan Akasha. Remember I do not start until about minute 49, you can scroll forward in the call if you want.

Don;t forget about my Ask Nan Now call Tuesday, send me any question about law of attraction, manifesting, creating your life…