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BOOK ENDORSEMENTS for “Already Rich! Secrets to Master Your Money Mind”

Joe VitaleI have known Nan for years and thoroughly enjoyed reading “Already Rich; Secrets to Master Your Money Mind”. Nan’s heart and sincere desire to reveal the true path to riches jumps off each page. Rich with affirmations, full of profound insights and practical strategies, this book is a gem. I highly recommend it!

Joe Vitale, author “Attract Money Now” and “Zero Limits”

Christopher SherrodAs the founder of I get a lot of books across my desk asking for an endorsement. Nan Akasha’s “Secrets To Master Your Money Mind” is a book I highly endorse. I received the very first copy and dove right into it. It is exactly what people need in the current economic climate. Nothing is more important than your mindset and your money mindset influences so much of your life. This book is what’s needed by people that are struggling and stressed out about money. It has more than powerful affirmations (which it has tons of), Nan’s Manifesting Formula and meditation alone will help to identify your money blocks and gives you the tools to shift your money vibrations.

Christopher Sherrod
, Author of “” and founder of

Rhonda RyderAlready Rich is a hypnotic, transformational experience in the disguise of a book. It transforms you on a cellular level as you read each page, which is sprinkled with powerful affirmations. I can literally feel the energy bursting from each paragraph and into my psyche.Great job, Nan!

Rhonda Ryder, Found of

Heather PickenNan’s Magnetic Wealth Affirmation book is the exact thing that people need to read right now who are struggling and stressed out about money. It’s more than just powerful affirmations this book really allows you to identify what your money blocks are while giving you the tools you can use to shift your money vibe instantly into attraction mode.

Heather Picken, “The Spirit Trainer”, Best selling author, Spiritual Life Coach,Hypnotherapist, and founder of the Quantum Entrepreneur Program.

Jillian Coleman WheelerNan Akasha’s new book, Already Rich: Secrets To Master Your Money Mind, will transform your relationship with money. You’ll find affirmations that will touch you at a deep level, and each section reveals hidden principles of wealth. The book also offers stories of Nan’s own journey to prosperity and freedom. Above all, each page radiates the enthusiasm, positive energy, and love that has already attracted so many to Nan Akasha’s work.

Jillian Coleman Wheeler
, coauthor with Joe Vitale “Your Internet Cash Machine” and

Dr. Joe Rubino“Nan Akasha’s ‘Already Rich’ will expand your consciousness around how you can tap into the great riches that surround us and await u s all. If you are not abundant or living in extreme opulence where money is no object, you likely have some deep seated issues around money. Are you doing endless good with the knowledge that there is an unending supply of wealth ready for each of us to tap into? No? Then get Nan’s book”

Dr. Joe Rubino Founder,, Author,

Testimonials: What People are saying about Nan Akasha

“Nan has a way of condensing law of attraction and metaphysical concepts into an easy to understand and fun way, I thoroughly recommend anything she does!”
Neil Long
England Host and CO Creator with Terah & Nina Ferrel of ‘The Conscious Creation Radio Show’

“Nan has the heart of a lion, if I was lost at sea, I would want her with me. People want to hear what she has to say…””
Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len
Co-Author of Zero Limits with Dr. Joe Vitale and Ho’oponopono Specialist

“Nan has these huge spiritual wings of light. She asks the most deep, interesting questions”
Joe Vitale
star of “The Secret” and author of “The Attractor Factor”

“The reason I am so excited about Nan’s work is that since I began working with her Money Muse program, I have had $3500 of unexpected income, bonuses and freebies since December 1. Pretty impressive.” Nan Akasha is the fairy Godmother of Money. I have changed my whole relationship with money and feel so connected I feel a whole new world has opened up to me…thanks!”
Catherine Behan, San Diego, CA

“Nan is a terrific women I met at workshops with my friend and co-author, Joe Vitale. Like Joe and like me, she believes strongly in the Law of Attraction, and is a talented guide for anyone who wants to learn how to manifest wealth.”
Jillian Wheeler
co author “Your internet Cash machine”
with Joe Vitale

“Thank you so much… I learned soooo much!! I believe it has changed by life. I must share with you some results I’ve experienced since beginning
the class. I am a real estate investor and I sell my homes on a Lease Purchase Basis. I had been really struggling with my business, but since beginning the class I filled 2 of my properties with great tenant buyers, sold a property for a profit of 35K and getting ready to close on another sale for a profit for of 25K. I’d say the spirit is flowing!! Thank you… sooo much!!”
Michele Ashton Dysert

“Nan is such a natural and practical communicator. She embodies not only the Spirit of Money but is an energetic generator of joy, freedom and abundance. As a person, Nan is passionately living an expansive life of inspired action, where she naturally and practically demonstrates all the fun and happiness that is our earthly heritage. Nan is a being of great light and vivacity, who epitomizes the notion of self -determination and in aligning with her true nature inspires all of us to reach our full potential and be unlimited potentiality itself.”
Natasha Hewitt, Manchester U.K.

“Nan was awesome at getting to the core of what I could not see for myself on multiple occasions because I was to close to the subject. First, and
most importantly, she managed to help me release a block I have had for 36 years and was associated with an insurance settlement I received from my mom dying in a car accident. I had an unrecognized block that acquiring money without having to work hard for it equaled death. This scenario was intensified when I received money from an uncle dying and then receiving money from my grandmother dying. Since I received the coaching from Nan I have been able to accept money in my life and for it to come in an easy and relaxed manner in a healthy and positive way. I also have been able to cut my hours in half and still have the income I desire to live a satisfying life with multiple vacations every year. She is more than generous with her time and talents having multiple free calls every month so you can get a feel for her style. I can highly recommend you
being on them and hiring her for one on one coaching no matter what you may be needing help with. Nan has a heart of gold and she has made me feel like I am a worthy addition to the human race.”
Year first hired: 2008 (hired more than once)

Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative Sylvia Svihel

“My Dear Nan: My sincere thanks and deep appreciation for what you have given to me. I really do admire you sooo much for the inspiration, the
motivation, your words of wisdom, your words of encouragement, the love you share, you are truly an amazing and unique woman and I love you for that! When I listen to you I am so amazed at you and think, I would love to be like you and share that kind of inspiration and spirituality with people who seems lost with no hope. May be one day, I will! Once again a hearth felt thank you for being you. Nan, I embrace your world with enormous gratitude and with everything you said in your email I am looking forward to living my dreams and the life I deserve from being successful in my online Internet business. Take care and God Bless!
Sandra (wellington)

“I am still marveling at our session together, and the Everything has a voice class…huge impacts in my life with my husband, myself, my thoughts…keep up the life changing work 🙂 Blessings, Tami”
Tami Gulland,, Madison, WI

“OMG OMG OMG OMG U R Not GOING TO BELIEVE THIS!!! Nan, Nan, Nan, Nan, Nan, Nan, NAN!!! !!! !!! I AM TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY!!! During the class, a friend called and “had to speak to me right away” Long story short she came and gave me $260.00!!! She just had the feeling that I needed it right now!!! BUT the most amazing part is When you were mentioning the products, I said ”Oh please God, let me be able to purchase the Spirit of Money
somehow” It would be so awesome if that happened ASAP. WHAM!!! WHO KNEW IT WAS GOING TO BE THIS EASY!!! !!! !!! WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!
WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! Dear Lady, OH WOW!!! OH WOW!!! OH WOW!!! OH WOW!!! I am almost speechless. I don’t think I am going to sleep much tonight!!! I LOVE YOU!!! AWESOME LADY!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Hi Nan, Some Really Big changes for all WOO HOO! and YEAH!I too, got some money during the class. Really neat.This is all really cool stuff. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.
Blessings, Sandy”
“Hi Nan, I’m up at 2:00 am checking emails! Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I enjoy and benefit from the Intend Global Healing calls. Your voice is so soothing, and I can feel the sincerity of your meditations. I pray you never run out of subjects or inspiration for these calls.”
Jim Brown

“Nan, I also wanted to thank you for your openness and high-value sharing from your warm heart. Just hearing how your life is being guided adds
confidence to my being that I am aligning with the Flow. I resonate so wonderfully with your energy that I feel as if we could be sisters. Of course, we are. Much Love, Namaste, Kristine Johnson”

“Hi Nan- I wanted to let you know how talented you are. What a fantastic class you put on last night. I wrote down pages and pages of new information for me which I want to remember and use. You have a great ability to communicate. I will study and listen to all of your tapes. Thank you for all of your great work. Your Friend, Marty”
Marty Rowland, Winchester, MA

“Hi Nan, I want to say a BIG Thank You for our inspirational conversation today. I loved what you said and you inspired me and gave me so many new ways to think about how to approach my life, book and wealth creation. What a wonderful connection and I am so very grateful to you for your work, your inspiring calls and talking with you a little while ago has given me so much inspiration and more confidence to go forward anew with renewed enthusiasm. I feel “on the road” again and I am so genuinely grateful to you. Many, many thanks again and also I was delighted to hear about your speaking on a LOA cruise. Good going! You deserve the best. Warmly, Margie”

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!I AM STANDING HERE, WITH OPEN ARMS AND HEART!!!! SOOOO GRATEFUL FOR ALL YOUR WONDERFUL INSPIRATION…. The way you woke us up to our limiting thoughts with such humor and love was amazing! We’re truly grateful. Have a wonderful evening. Such love, Kate and Philip, Australia”

“Dear Nan, Thank you so much for the special message, I liked it so much I forwarded it on to my friends. I love to listen in on your Global Healing
telecast. I am increasing the word about you. I love your program for a number of reasons, you basically are the only one that speaks and you do that for quite a long time. I feel like you are sitting across from me just shooting the breeze and you are easy to follow. Thank you for being there and for your enormous generosity of time, information and spirit. I wish all the beautiful things you sent to me to go back to you… Love, Sheila :)”

“Nan was one of our top speakers at our recent event… her program stands out as one of our top ever. She was enlightening, entertaining and full of tactics the audience and I will be implementing right away. We have already asked her back”    Aggie Kobrin, Director CEC Global Events, Event Planner, Manager, CrowdFunding
” An amazing speaker, Nan Akasha. What she speaks about on stage
 is truly phenomenal. It’s inspired me, moved me, if you ever get
the opportunity to hire or hear her, I highly recommend her”
Sohail Khan, JV Broker

“I would love to tell you that I knew everything about myself, every nook, crevice and block. The truth is, however, that I don’t know half the things that are holding me back, with special reference to the topic of money. Luckily, I have a secret weapon. The work I’ve been doing with Nan Akasha is always … breath-taking in its depth and perception. She manages to gently, sweetly tunnel into my sub-conscious, excavate and resolve long-term blocks and issues that leave me free to play my best game in life. In short, her work is … priceless. Thanks, Nan!”

Tim Levy, CEO of Tim Levy and Associates

 “Wow, book Nan for your next event and expose your audience and yourself to some real brilliance that will help you with
 how to control your life and where you are going. I was blown away with the power of her presentation, the control,
 the direction,and intention that she provides to her clients. Her teaching was just phenomenal…”  Paul Miltonberger, Founder of Partner Academy
“… Nan was phenomenal on stage…  I understand she can really help people change their beliefs
 so they can get to the next level in their business… check out Nan Akasha” Ursela Mentjes CEO, Founder Sales Coach Now,