Celebrate Life! Meditation moment video ready for free now…

By April 21, 2008Podcast

I am so pleased to let you know I have posted the third meditation moment video: Celebrate Life! Not only is it free for you to view here or on youtube and a long list of other sites (listed below), but you can now download it to watch anytime!!

Last time I posted one (Meditation Moment # 2: “Break through” was VERY popular!) I got a lot of requests to be able to download the video. People wanted to be able to watch it from anywhere, anytime. Now you can!!! Go to our products page and you can download any of the Meditation Moment videos for only 99 cents!!! Now you can watch them on your ipod, computer or even burn it to a DVD!

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These videos are under 3 minutes and are designed to relax and inspire you in a short time, so as to fit your busy schedule. You can take a quick break at work, home or anytime and watch it. You can even just listen to the audio, which is what I did until I made the whole video. I found the “breakthrough” audio very uplifting and empowering and listened to it daily for over a month, and still do now and then.

Below is the script from the “Celebrate Life” video that is in this post and is also on many websites. You can enjoy the script and the “repeat” portion which is for empowering you and programming your subconscious mind. Print it out and read it daily, listen and watch and let it sink in.

I hope you allow yourself to celebrate every minute of your life. I had a day recently where I stayed in a space of such amazing bliss all day (read about it here), I was thrilled because that is the way life is meant to be. So celebrate who you are, who you are with and who you are becoming and attracting. You can enjoy each moment, just slow down and focus on what you are doing, and stop thinking about what you will be doing!

Meditation Moment # 3

By Nan Akasha

Holiday Boat Parade in Port A, Texas 12/07


TITLE: Celebrate Life!

Everyday is a holiday

See everyday in your life as a holiday

As A day to be excited and joyful

Anticipate each day as you would a Holiday

Full of lights, parades, joy, friends, parties and happiness

You can make every day fun and joyful…by being in the NOW

Relax…Stay focused

Decide every day is your best day ever

Enjoy your life in each moment…Be the Party!

Appreciate everything and everyone in it

Slow down

The more you enjoy everyday as a holiday, as celebration of life

The more that will be your experience

Choose everyday as a chance to celebrate life

Wake up full of excitement and anticipation…

What wonderful things will happen for YOU today?

Look for the opportunities for fun, joy

Become a life long holiday

A Holiday made just for you…

I now celebrate each day as if it were a holiday

I choose joy and excitement as my moment to moment feeling

I decide each day to allow my own experience of happiness in

I appreciate all that I have in my life

I now commit to celebrate my life,

I see life as a holiday…A holiday made just for me…

PS: Here are the different sites on which I posted this video, you can click any link and watch it if you are interested, or just check out their sites. Have a fiesta day

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