Mercury Retrograde

By September 29, 2008 Blog

Have you heard of Mercury retrograde? Many people have and fear it, hate it, feel it is a time when all things go wrong.

I was introduced to some of these natural cycles several years ago. When Mercury appears to go in reverse, many people feel the energies are all funky and things like car accidents happen, energy is blocked.

Well I am here to give you a different perspective! A way to ‘reframe’ it and actually benefit from this time!

Years ago I did some spiritual work with a lady and we found that if we shifted our attitude about retrograde to re-trograde, and looked at is as a time to “RE”- things, we could actually look forward to a have huge shifts and growth during these cycles.

So here you go:


Think of the time when mercury retrograde is happening as a time to do all things that begin with “RE”.










You get the idea. Keep thinking of more of these, there are many more.

Take control of your life, shift those beliefs and make what is true for you, what serves you.

Think about something you do all day, and then hold the intent that each time you do that you are re-leasing something that no longer serves you. This is a chance to renew our power, faith, love, relationships and revive!!!

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