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Mind is Healer, Mind is Slayer - What are You Creating?
Dear Friend,

We all know that minds create and most of us put a lot of energy into positive thinking. Why then are we living in such troubling times? Today I bring you information that is vital for living truly free lives, where we are in control and can once again create our ideal life.

I am writing about my friend and colleague, Eldon Taylor and his brand new book, Mind Programming: From Persuasion and Brainwashing to Self-Help and Practical Metaphysics. This is simply a must-read book! This message is so important that many of the world’s visionaries, myself included, have joined together to support this book launch.

Don Miguel

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As you read this book, you’ll feel the blinders being removed and you will truly see the world in an entirely new light.

Jeff Warrick,
documentary filmmaker, Programming the Nation?

Eldon bares the facts, exposing the groups ranging from media types to governmental agencies that have spent billions of dollars learning how to surreptitiously gain access to your thoughts, your motivations and your choices. See for yourself in the ‘smoking gun’ of advertising manuals, in the secret clandestine work of governmental agencies, in the neuro-technology labs of the sellers of goods and services. You will be shocked and horrified at the extent a few have gone to shape every aspect of your thinking, and this programming goes on everyday!

Brainwashing and marketing are big business; and your precious mind is a coveted commodity. In this book Eldon Taylor exposes all and tells you how to take your power back and be free to become your own best self. Eldon is a grand master of the mind.

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.
author of Your Soul’s Compass

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Mind Programming is really two books in one.  The first half of the book is the tell-all story that uncovers the unseen influences that are so pervasive, penetrating and effective.  The second half of the book is all about the tools and technologies you can use to cleanse your mind of the non-sense you may not have even recognized as being present before reading this liberating book.  Think about it.  How many original thoughts do you really have?  How many thoughts are about your limitations, your fears, your anxieties, the things you want, and so forth.  You will learn that from sickness and anxiety to the way you comb your hair and dress, and so much more, are all a part of what you have been trained to think and choose.  You will also learn some very simple easy-to-use tools that can free your mind and empower your being.

In a period when fear has reached a frenzied pitch, Taylor shines a brilliant spotlight to dispel the darkness!

Angelina Heart
author of The Teaching of Little Crow

Even if you already have some awareness of the everyday mind manipulation techniques, and are already guarding against these intrusions, there will be areas you simply have not heard of. Even if none of this information is of interest to you because you are already guarding the input into your minds, you will be thankful to finally have the facts, figures and hard evidence to present to your family and friends, so they too can escape from the everyday brainwashing. But Eldon does not leave it there as he also covers numerous tools and techniques to assist you in taking back the control of your mind. These tools range from exercises that will not cost you a penny, such as the ’50-day plan,’ automatic writing, and mind exercises, to high tech (but affordable) tools such as cortical electro-stimulation. Whatever your preference, Mind Programming will provide you with the information vital for today’s climate.

PLUS: Mind Programming ships with a free, high-tech, mind-training CD, that utilizes the patented and proven InnerTalk technology.

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Even though I consider myself to be quite aware of what is going on in the world, this book boldly shatters illusions about how extensive the mind control in our society has become. Are you really free? Only if you can take back control your mind. Thank heavens, Dr. Taylor shows us how in one of the most important books I have ever read.

Terri Marie
author of Be the Hero of Your Own Game

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I am so excited about this new book because I know it can really make a powerful difference in your life. That is why I have joined with many visionaries in offering special bonus incentives when you get your copy today.  When you purchase your copy of Mind Programming, you will:

1) Have a chance to win 2 tickets to a Hay House conference. Everyone who orders Mind Programming between May 19th and June 17th can enter to win a trip to the I CAN DO IT Conference in Tampa, Florida where Eldon will be appearing in November. (Trip includes 2 full conference tickets, hotel accommodations, and round-trip domestic coach airfare).

2) Be entered to win Eldon’s finest success library, Your Personal Best, featuring 28 programs on 20 CDs; all using the patented and proven InnerTalk technology. This is a $599 value.

3) Attend a free pre-screening of Jeff Warrick’s mind-blowing documentary, Programming The Nation.

4) Gain free membership to Eldon’s Mind Matters community, where you will find numerous gifts valued at over $5000. These gifts are all yours for acting today and getting your copy of Mind Programming. Pick up all your gifts today, or come back once you have read Mind Programming – the choice is yours. Take your time and enjoy exploring the best tools available. Try them for free and decide for yourself what works best for you! These gifts come to you from almost 300 supporters including Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Marci Shimoff, Joan Borysenko, Judith Orloff, and Bruce Lipton.

PLUS: For every book sold during this event, Eldon will be donating all of his author proceeds to Women for Women International, an award-winning non-profit organization. Women for Women provides women survivors of war, civil strife and other conflicts with the tools and resources to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency, thereby promoting viable civil societies.

So don’t hesitate, act now and get your copy today.

It’s only your mind if you manage what goes into it, otherwise it is analogous to a computer that the world has read and write access to.

Eldon Taylor
author of Choices and Illusions and Mind Programming



Nan Akasha

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