“I don’t have the money for that”

“I am sure I haven’t got that sort of money. In the old saying – if you have to ask the price you can’t afford it!” A client emailed me this, here is my response, and watch the video.

That is a LIE and an old program you have and you will never break free from it if you claim it, say it and believe it. You shut down any chance of seeing the way to make your desires happen!

Seriously here, I really want you to break out, and whether it’s working with me or something else, I know you cannot even decide to do it and let the ideas and opportunities show up, if you say I am sure I have not got that kind of money”

YOU CAN AFFORD ANYTHING YOU WANT – that is why you want it!

That is the way the universe works… there is ALWAYS a way.

The REAL QUESTION IS: Are you willing to decide for yourself what is truly best and then do what is needed to make it happen?

You may not be able to see how now, but you will NEVER see how, unless you and then look at what needs to be done to make it happen.

I really want to stress that~ Really care about you girl, let yourself WANT IT – and then CHOOSE it, and then let your mind find the way.

You will be amazed!

Love, Nan

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Nan is AMAZING!!! I had hit the glass ceiling of charging my worth. I know what I offer is unique and powerful, having been on The Today Show, CNN and The New York Times. Yet I was still playing small, and not sticking to my worth. Nan was easily able to see where I was hitting my own false limits. She was right. Her clarity and vision and kindness are the perfect combination to create massive transformation. In one session Nan helped me make 40% more money. Thank you, Nan!!!” Eli Davidson - Coach to the Stars EliDavidson.com

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