What are you missing out on in life because you were never shown how to UNLOCK your DIVINE ABUNDANCE all around you?

Want to know my secret to success? How did I get myself from losing everything and not knowing how to pay the rent, or even buy groceries, to a thriving, profitable business? It isn’t my website, or having a big list or even being lucky… it’s due to creating MONEY BREAKTHROUGHS & LEARNING the TRUTH CODE that transformed EVERYTHING about my business — from income, to clients, to inner peace… how I feel about myself, my relationships, spiritual fulfillment and more. And the same can happen for you!

“ASK & It is Given”
It is Spiritual LAW… Universal Truth… you ALREADY HAVE ALL you Desire WITHIN YOU… but YOU have to know how to Uncover it![

What do you want most?

Money? Fame? A Business you love? Inner peace? Happiness? Loving relationships? Spiritual fulfillment & guidance? More Clients?

If you can DESIRE IT, The UNIVERSE can & WILL produce it
You ARE ALREADY RICH… PERIOD. but you need to know what to think, believe and Do. YOU need the TRUTH CODE to UNLOCK all you desire.

No more stepping over $1,000s in missed $$ Money income and opportunities. No more stressful, panicked feelings when you are preparing to ask for something you really want, no more struggle picking up the phone to call that client, or ask for that payment…

This is the first step! You’ll have everything you need when you know the Miracle Manifesting Method to know how to tap into the Divine store of riches within you.

This is just for you so you can

RECOGNIZE there is Money all around you and get CLEAR on the FEAR that keeps you from Seeing the riches that are all around you so you can ASK & receive your money!

Make one fast shift in manifesting and you’ll be shocked at what happens!

HI… my name is Nan Akasha…Nan Akasha

and I have been through a lot in my life… just like you… ups and downs, lots of money… no money… and one thing I have learned through building 5 major businesses over 27 years and studying Spirit, mind and energy non-stop for over 25 years… is that if you do not ASK for what you want…you will not get it. PERIOD.

As a Spiritual entrepreneur I’ll bet you love having your own business… but – you’re not too crazy about the “Asking for money” part.
I completely understand. When I first started my businesses, I not only hated asking for money, or for people to buy my products or services, but I was terrible at asking for anything!

In fact, sadly, I have to admit, I used to walk around department stores forever looking for the bathroom… I was too shy and embarrassed to simply ask someone where it was!

And every one of the businesses I have started… no matter how good I was at what I offered… I was terrible at asking… for clients to buy, for reasonable rates, for good deals from suppliers, even for help! I really felt the money, the clients, the opportunities all around me… I just could not figure out how to unblock the FLOW so they came in all the time.

Luckily.. I had a few role models and a deep desire to feel comfortable talking to people and being able to get the help, and things I saw others getting.. while feeling calm inside myself.


Most people are afraid to ask and BELIEVE they will get it because of two main factors:

  1. You were told no so many times you lost the will to ask anymore
  2. You do not believe you are worthy of what you want

Asking is one of the most powerful tools you have, and there are no limits… well… only the ones you have inside you that say “I don’t deserve” or “They will think I am selfish” or “there isn’t enough and I should let others have it”…

I taught my kids to ask from a very young age.. and kids have a natural ability to ask for what they want… at least at first.. they naturally know they want it and so they ask.. this is Divine knowing, of their worthiness and the infinite abundance that is the Truth of the Universe. What I did was give them the confidence to go ask others, not just me… and if you are a stay at home mom or dad, you know how much you get asked all the time…non stop…

think about that, it may be annoying as the parent, but step back and think how empowered the world would be if every adult still asked for what hey wanted… seriously… we would have a planet full of SUPER HAPPY, FULFILLED beings…

YOU DESERVE TO HAVE YOUR NEEDS MET… in fact, when your needs are not met… all kinds of things go wrong… most of all you are unfulfilled, and become angry, bitter, tired, or lacking in motivation or enthusiasm for life. I was NEVER told I deserved to have my needs met, sometimes it still amazes me when i say that… and I am still finding ways that I deny myself because of old programming of ‘should nots’ and’ don’t deserve’s.

You need to accept and activate your Divine Right to be rich… because you ALREADY ARE…


ANNOUNCING MY NEWEST CLASS to Transform your Money Reality Now! “The Miracle of Money Manifestation: Tap into the Spiritual Law “Ask & it is Given” to UNLOCK the Money all around you and LEAP to 6 Figures”

I created this course so you can change your life in all areas, but especially around money. This is power being handed to you.

Join me… see below all I have included… it is easily worth $1997.. in fact with just one conversation where you ask with Spirit and love, could bring you thousands of not hundreds of thousands of $$… this will effect the REST of your life!

what would your life be if ..

you could ask for a potential client to sign up for your services while feeling calm and confident that they will LOVE it, benefit and be happy to pay whatever you charge?

Imagine making the money you really desire… is it $100,000? Is it $50,000 a month.. the cool part is THE AMOUNT DOES NOT MATTER… you can ASK FOR ANYTHING and the Universe ALWAYS SAYS YES!

” Where’s the Money? BEHIND YOUR FEAR!

What is the key? The Miracle Manifestation Method! “The Miracle of Money Manifestation: Tap into the Spiritual Law “Ask & it is Given” to UNLOCK the Money all around you and LEAP to 6 Figures”

“Since out work together everything has been absolutely wonderful! So much good and growth and healings. I am so happy I walk around with a smile on my face!It’s all thanks to you and your work.”

“Thank you so very much for all that you do. May you be Blessed always. My message is perfect, thank you. Love and Light.”

WHAT YOU GET in the “The Miracle of Money Manifestation: Tap into the Spiritual Law “Ask & it is Given” to UNLOCK the Money all around you and LEAP to 6 Figures” Comprehensive 6 Call Course

BONUS Training Call: “Know your enemy: How to Recognize and Walk thru the 6 Ghosts of Fear that keep you from accessing your wealth, joy and Purpose”

You want more money…clients…support…love…? You have to CLEAR the FEAR. Then you will not manifest what you fear and you can ASK with confidence. As long as you stay stuck in a fear pattern, allowing it to appear real for you… you will not take action, or ask and then… you do not get the results you desire.

In the famous book ‘Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, he talks about FEAR as an ENEMY… along with 6 ‘Ghosts of Fear” . After studying more than 500 of the most successful people in the world, he concludes that you must prepare your mind for what you want, like money, and that preparation is about detaching from and managing fear.

“Fears are nothing more that states of mind. One’s state of mind is subject to control and direction” Napoleon Hill

Absolute LACK of FEAR keeps you from manifesting that which you fear… like not fearing catching colds or sickness from others, Doctors do it all the time, I have done it for many years, . When I had my pet-sitting business I was not afraid of dogs, and so dogs that usually barked and were not friendly, liked me, because they could SENSE my LACK of FEAR.

Remember everything in your life begins with thought, and then ‘immediately begins to cloth itself in it;s physical equivalent”… that means a thought of fear will begin to create, in physical reality the thing you fear.

When you fear money, or asking for money… guess what will manifest? The thing you fear a version of it.

FEAR REPELS MONEY… asking from fear for money creates a lot of drama but no consistent income that’s for sure!

So in this powerful bonus class we will

  • Reveal the truth of the Enemy of Fear
  • Identify where it is controlling and stopping you
  • Learn about the 6 Ghosts of fear and how they are damaging your ability to have the life you were made for
  • Spirit.. and the energy of money, never speak to you through fear and doubt
  • How not to get caught up in your own fear illusion
  • How to decipher who is speaking to you… fear or guidance
  • Identify the symptoms of fear in your life
  • See where in your life, especially around money you are stopping because of fear
  • Go through a deep shifting process that will release old patterns of FEAR in your cells and mind a
  • Give you a quick daily practice to keep you form falling into fear and stop yourself form moving into your ideal life

The Fears include:

  • Fear of Poverty
  • Fear of Criticism
  • Fear of Ill Health
  • Fear of Loss of love
  • Fear of Old age
  • Fear of Death

See how many of these are standing in your way of the life you want, the money you want, the freedom you want…

And we will begin our journey into understanding the enemies of our Prosperity and Happiness and Freedom:
Enemies: Indecision, doubt, fear
So step one, is becoming aware of these Ghosts of Fear and knowing how to handle them as you begin to conquer them

CALL DATE: November 5th, 10 AM Central 2011 90 Minute Class (You receive recordings of all classes and meditations)

The full class series begins Nov 14th


The Art of Manifesting
We may be born knowing we are Divine and deserving and all we desire is Already given to us – but we learn to suppress our Desires and are told we do not DESERVE as adults we cannot “SEE” that all our need are already met.
In this module we will go into the Art of Asking… it is an ‘Art” because the more you ask, the better you get at it

How to Ask in order to Receive

  • How to KNOW you have the power and confidence to Manifest anything you desire
  • How to Ask authentically and from your heart, without fear
  • Creating a Manifestation Miracle in your life right now
  • Where is it? Uncover the secret to “seeing”
  • The two key elements needed to ask so you receive almost all the time
  • How to become an Angel of Prosperity thru powerful asking
  • Playsheets
  • Templates

The MIRACLE MANIFESTING METHOD MODULE #2: Ask and you shall Receive: Clearing the Blocks to Manifesting

It is important to ‘clean the pan’ before you begin a new creation, so here we dive into the nitty gritty of the things that prevent you from expressing yourself easily and asking with grace and seeing the gifts, money and results that are floating all around you right now.


Buy Now

3 Payments of $180.00

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  • Identify and CLEAR the 6 PRIMARY Subconscious beliefs that STOP YOU FROM Seeing and receiving your requests
  • 3 POWER TOOLS for increasing your energy, focus and courage to ask, knowing it is given
  • How to increase your Faith so what you desire ‘appears’ in your experience
  • Belief Clearing
  • Guided meditation to uncover your originating event that stops you from wanting, asking, deserving… without you knowing it
  • Terminating spiritual and subconscious agreements that keep you from what you have been given
  • Getting past guilt and shame of receiving all you desire
  • Finding who is in side you…who told you it is wrong or bad to ask for what you want and get it?
  • How to increase your “Yes” results 500%
  • What to do when you just cannot get yourself to speak up
  • How to handle a ‘failed’ attempt at asking for what you want
  • How to not stop 5 feet from the gold
  • How to identify the subconscious drama that happens when you begin to get results and commit to change
  • Playsheets
  • Templates



Here we begin the deep work of Uncovering you riches… and it gets really juicy!

How to Find the MONEY STOCKPILE you have accumulated from asking all your life and not knowing how to receive it

  • How to charge your value so you get what you are worth
  • SEEING MONEY & Opportunities in your life right now
  • How to predict what $$ you will be manifesting in the near future
  • How to get the creative life force energy to flow towards your goals
  • The one Universal law of manifesting you must understand to walk through fear and find your riches
  • Understanding what money is, and what you are really wanting and asking for when you ask for more money
  • How to create a ‘vacuum’ that actually ‘pulls’ money into your bank account
  • How to handle when people question your request for money, or other awkward things from you
  • Why you feel scared to ask for money, raise your rates or receive more than your family ever did
  • The power of a Decision
  • How to feel safe and worthy when receiving money in any situation, from anyone
  • The Spiritual way to ASK
  • Tuning in to the energy of money so you find your “Infinite supply” and
  • Releasing the fear of ‘what people think’ when you choose to increase your income
  • The Miracle of Money Manifestation and how it will change your life forever
  • Playsheets
  • Templates


The MIRACLE MANIFESTING METHOD MODULE #4: You are Already Rich… the Truth of Ask & it is Given

Here is where we get into the real block for most people…

  • Why you are ALREADY RICH
  • Trusting, knowing and seeing the money all around you
  • How to use the every day to uncover your wealth within your reach
  • How to ask and get the sale 50% more of the time
  • How to discover the clients WAITING to hire you
  • The Spiritual Truth that motivates you to ask for a raise, Negotiate, and accept the value of your talents in Spirit
  • How to receive more money than you ever have before
  • How to ask for help from the knowing that your GOOD comes from SOURCE and THRU People
  • How to ask in a negotiating situation
  • raising your rates and asking with confidence
  • Closing a sale.. getting you and the client to a decision that serves you both
  • How to ask for money without feeling or appearing greedy, sleazy or out of integrity
  • Guided processes and meditation
  • Playsheets
  • Templates


Q&A CallNan Akasha

We wrap up the powerful series with a 90 minute Question and Answer with Nan.

Listen while Nan answers questions, just like the ones you might have.

“Thank you so much for your affirmation. The words “faith” and “trust” have been sent to me over this month…and I have been working with them. Your affirmation supports me so well at this time.

I have followed you for about three years or more now and you are a blessing.”

Bonus Audio Course – “Be An Excellent Receiver”

In order to live the life we desire, have and enjoy the things we want and feel the way we want to feel: happy, free, significant…. we have to be able to believe that when we Ask it is given, and be able to receive what we have asked for!

The Universe has a gift for you…are you ready to open it?

‘^RECEIVE it in order for you to experience and enjoy it. So before we get to asking and breaking through the fears that keep you from asking for whatever you want, anytime, anywhere, from anyone… we need to get your receiving pipeline unblocked and bring you into harmony with receiving that which you desire… because remember… the Universe always says YES… so your money, clients, love.. it is all here, right now…

3 Hour Audio Course on Receiving Wealth mp3 Learn how to open to what you have waiting for you!

Plus Playsheets and Templates

Valued at $497

This new class “The Miracle of Money Manifestation: Tap into the Spiritual Law “Ask & it is Given” to UNLOCK the Money all around you and LEAP to 6 Figures” including all the audios, insights and information is EASILY Worth more than $1997… even more if you were to work with Nan one on one… this is a unique chance to get to get high level information for a low investment and spend over 9 hours with Nan… and have the recordings, meditations and processes to use forever!

Grab this one time chance.. Nan will never teach this LIVE again… for ONLY


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3 Payments of $180.00

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“My Personal “Hassle Free Happiness Promise”

You are here for a reason… on this page, in my world. There are no coincidences and this IS an answer to your prayers… you know it!

This is a huge opportunity for you to transform your life in ALL areas… from money to love, to relationships and more. I am happy you are on a dedicated path to improve your life and I Know that your time and money are precious resources for you. That is why I want you to know that you are making an excellent choice.

Here is my promise to you: You may purchase this class and attend the Bonus call and the first class, and if, after you have listened and applied what I have given you, you feel it is not working for you, just email us and you will get a full refund. You must do what I am offering though… because you are the only one who can make these changes, I can only ‘show you the door’… you have to walk through it. As a coach, I know how valuable it is to make yourself accountable and to have someone else take a powerful stand for you.
If after those first two classes you continue, but still feel somehow this powerful life transforming information and experience is still not working for you… and you have applied it, you may receive a full credit against any of my courses, classes and future Audio courses or home-study programs.

So move forward with happiness and peace of mind! When you decide to join me … your shifts will being immediately..

See how this is seriously ZERO RISK FOR YOU?

My advice: Invest in yourself TODAY to lock in your time sensitive bonuses and grab your spot… because change is happening all around you… now you can step into the flow too! Time to trust yourself and your guidance and know that once you’ve made the DECISION, the Universe will allow everything to unfold perfectly for you… it ALREADY HAS!

These 6 fears cause all the discouragement, timidity, indifference, indecision, and the lack of initiative, self -control and enthusiasm
discouragement, timidity,self reliance, indifference, indecision, and the lack of ambition, initiative, self-control and enthusiasm
6 Ghosts of fear live in your subconscious mind and can cause all kinds of damage, and you cannot see it, hard to detect. They only exist in your ind, they are not real
Nan Akasha, CHT Mind over Money Coach

Make Your Spiritually Rich Business Profitable & Fulfilling with the #1 Bestselling Author of “Already Rich! Secrets to Master Your Money Mind”,

Nan has an intense passion to empower you to embrace your Divine worth and allow 6 figures or more to flow to you while living the life your Soul designed just for you. Rapidly increase your ability to manifest on demand and make your visions reality is a result of working with Nan. As a dynamic and inspiring international Speaker who has been featured with cutting edge teachers like Gregg Bradden, Joe Vitale, and Doreen Virtue she opens the key places that keep your money pipeline clogged.

Using over 25 years of energy, mind and Spiritual work, and 27 years of building businesses…Nan creates deeply transformative processes and tools that heal your heart and your bank account. More money, more inner peace, more purpose, more joy… all of these are accessible through Nan’s work. Experience is the key with Nan, as she guides you to feel free, wealthy and worthy, and know how to continue to live that way now..

Creator of the Magnetic Wealth Club, Sacred Travel guide…, Nan is here to open your path to Spiritual and Financial evolution.

Her mission is create a world of wealth conscious people who know how to tune in to the abundance that is waiting for them. Trained in over 30 healing modalities, Nan’s inspiring, playful, empowering attitude has helped thousands of people worldwide to transform their lives. A joyful mother of twin girls, Emily and Sierra, “JoyfulNan” says “Free Your Mind and the Wealth Will Follow”