Money is good, I am good step 5 for more money in 26 days

By April 4, 2011 June 25th, 2011 Blog

“I AM ENOUGH” … can you say it and mean it? Most can’t. So to finish our mindset in this process of “Money is GOOD! I AM GOOD! We Align” we have to look within at our wealth image. How do you see yourself, do you think you are worthy of more? More money, happiness, fun? Do you believe you deserve or will get to have and do what you really want deep within?

In order to attract and RECEIVE more money, you have to begin to increase your belief in “I AM GOOD”. This mindset needs to be supported by beliefs that align and therefore help you.

The last post on more money in 26 days I asked you to begin thinking about reasons why you are good, and worthy and why you believe you are not good… meaning good enough to have, keep attract, and grow money.

The #1 limiting belief in the world appears to be “I AM not good enough”… so you have it to some degree over something in your life and most definitely over money, increase and wealth.

In opening to the flow of money and love, you must develop the belief you are good enough to have it, be paid it, ask for it and receive it. You must BE worthy.. and that does NOT mean you have to prove yourself to anyone outside of you.  BE… worthy, embody the BEingness of being good enough, fully worthy and Divinely deserving.

So intend to deepen your deservedness, strengthen your confidence and belief in yourself, open to Divine support and affirm you will and are now receiving it, easily. A Person who knows their worth, does not stop the flow, or turn down the opportunity, or put up barriers and make excuses. A worthy person simply BE’s themselves, and moves forward with love and acceptance.

When you know you are good, worthy, loved, loveable, valued, talented…. you expect and therefore draw to you, like a magnet, more money, love… and you receive it without resistance.

When you think you are not good enough you cannot accept and allow more money and love. So your receiving will be blocked, slowed, or what you do get you will lose. Good enough reason to drop the drama, the blame, the poor me and get out of the Victim Vibe and into your rich, delicious life?

Increase your Wealth Esteem, and you increase your money and net-worth.

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