My wish for you 2008

By December 31, 2007 Blog

I shared my wishes for everyone with my subscribers, and I got such wonderful feedback (like sample below) that I decided to share it with everyone! Enjoy, and party!

Email from a subscriber in response to the wish, below:

“Dear Nan

Of all the goodwill emails I have received over the past couple of weeks
this one of yours stands out like a glowing beacon.

Thank you sincerely and may your wishes to the people on your list rebound
many-fold to you and your loved ones in 2008 and beyond.

Take care


Here is what I wish for all of you:

“I wish to send you my genuine desire for you to be living in joy and enjoying what you love most right now!

I wish for you to believe in your magnificence…that you can create anything you desire.
I wish that you will love yourself enough to allow in all you have created.
I wish that you tune into your inner guidance and always follow it.
I wish that you surround yourself with positive, loving, empowering people.
I wish that you find your true passions and envision them as real now.
I wish that you follow your hearts truest desires, and take only inspired actions!
I wish that you expect to receive what you want in all areas of your life!
I wish that you plan to receive, with ease and grace.
I wish that you believe to the core of who you are that you create your own reality and that you can do it now.
I wish that you have fun, feel joy and appreciate all the wonders around you!

May the rest of this year and all of 2008 be a most empowering experience.

So powerful in fact that you feel as I do, that you have stepped into a whole new world that you have created in
which YOU are the only authority and YOU can choose joy and happiness easily.

May you and your loved ones be happy, healthy and living in joy!
I wish that you are richly blessed in all ways that you desire and
abundantly prosper beyond all imaginings in 2008 and beyond!

Nan Akasha

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