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By September 9, 2009 September 14th, 2009 Blog

HI… wasn’t the long weekend wonderful!? I love it!prosperity2

With school’s starting up and summer waning, many people are looking to more seriously improve their lives. Perhaps you are looking for a new job, to increase your income or to start a business from home. Most people right now want the ability to create the income they desire without worrying about the stock market, Real estate market, banking industry, mortgage companies and the economy in general. All the confusion and uncertainty has stress at an all time high… unless you understand how things really work!


This week I have designated prosperity week, for many reasons. First there are many things going on this week that offer tangible advice, insight and help in getting your income supercharged. Get up and running now, the moment is perfect … because, of course, now is the only moment to take action and create the reality and prosperity you desire.

  1. Branding Webinar free Thursday: 5 steps to branding yourself online
  2. Prosperity Meetings in Austin and San Antonio & Online
  3. Next wave online Summit for Women’s Prosperity this week
  4. Ask Your Money Muse call Thursday
  5. Intend Global Healing: Raise your internal Standards & see your life open up
  6. Ho’ oponopono Essence Released special price through Monday
  7. Heart Centered Call date change

Branding Webinar free Thursday

Branding is incredibly vital in business and more today then ever before. People wan to know who you are, what you stand for, and in an easy fast way. They like people that are like them and people they relate to. One of the fundamentals in marketing and business building is getting yourself branded. This means you create a look image and tagline that clearly and quickly communicate who you are and what you do. Do you want to present a professional and serious image? Do you want to get across you are playful, fun and loving? Who do you want to attract?

The term “Attraction Marketing” is becoming a big deal these days and branding yourself is forefront to this. It is the best way to create the business and income you want is by Attracting the ideal clients to you. Getting yourself branded online is powerful! Check out this free webinar Thursday

Read this blog on The 5 Steps to Branding yourself online

Prosperity Meetings in Austin and San Antonio & Online

Three Prosperity Meetings this week! Hear how to make your dream of Financial freedom, time freedom and lifestyle freeodm is within your reach!
See my blog from yesterday to read about the in person meetings. If you are in or near either Austin or San Antonio this week, please drop in on a Prosperity Meeting.

I am also hosting one online by phone or web on Saturday at noon Central.

EVENT:  Prosperity Meeting
DATE & TIME: Saturday, September 12th at 12:00pm Central
FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast — it’s your choice)

To be on a list to hear about more upcoming Prosperity Meetings, join free sign up here

Next wave online Summit for Women’s Prosperity this week

I have blogged a few times about this and sent you emails. Heather, the ‘spirit trainer’ has gathered amazing women to share ways to get your wealth and life going the way you want it! It sis free and started yesterday. I am speaking at this summit Thursday at 5PM. Join me!

Ask Your Money Muse call Thursday

The Ask your money muse FREE call is this Thursday at a NEW TIME! Please note that due to the fact I will be speaking at Heather’s Women’s Prosperity Summit, I have moved the Money Muse call up to 3PM Central Thursday Sept.10 If you have not joined us or submitted your questions for me to ask go to now

Intend Global Healing: Raise your internal Standards & see your life open up

Adding to the Thursday line up of calls, my weekly Healing circle this week will be about raising your standards. Why is that important? Because what we believe and expect is what we get. We cannot receive or experience life, consistently, in the quality we desire unless we raise our standards and set boundaries. You want the best? See it, expect it, ask for it! Thursday noon, always free

Ho’ oponopono Essence Released special price through Monday

Read more here

Heart Centered Call date change

This call has now been changed until Thursday September 17th. at 9PM Eastern. If you signed up you will receive notice, if you want to join, it’s FREE and you can read about it and join us HERE