Nan’s Wealth Vibes; Releasing Parents

By July 13, 2009 May 18th, 2018 Blog
Welcome to Nan’s Wealth Vibes… a sort of newsletter, to keep you up to date with what is going on each week. Below is the key events for the week. Make sure you ist1_5982291-handsstay tuned, there;s a FREE call and some powerful shifts happening!
Wasn’t the weekend lovely!? MMM… enjoying your leisure time is vital to feeling great, and feeling great is the core of an attractive vibe! Let’s pump up the volume on our Attractive Vibe (putting out a more Magnetic vibrational signal)!
This week Creating our own Realities  I am so very pleased to offer 3 very hot, vibrant and life transforming calls! Your Wealth Esteem will go off the charts!
  1. “Release Past & Parents” Wednesday July 15th. The newest Transform Your Life Class will be a powerful releasing, at a cellular memory and core level, of any unserving and limiting energies with our parents, now or in the past.
    Join Now Only $20!
  2. F*REE PREVIEW CALL: “Manifest Your Wealth Now”
    You can attract the wealth you desire, and then you must claim it! Three classes. A step by step, experiential process to Ask for, Attract, Expect and CLAIM your Wealth.

  3. Intend Global Healing F*REE weekly healing circle:
    Topic: Healing Past

Decide today to have an awesome, fun, profitable and inspiring week! What can you do right now to set the tone and shift your focus to look for these energies?!

Here’s a statement of Limitless Potential for your Wealthy week of releasing
” I am willing to let go. I am now leting go of all that keeps me from asking, expecting and claiming my wealth now. I am so happy and grateful now that I have released all that limits me and I joyfully anticipate my goodies!”
Thank you  Thank you Thank you
Free your mind and the Wealth WILL follow…
Nan Akasha CHT
Wealth Esteem Coach
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Keep your eyes open, I am coming out with a wonderful new experience in wealth consciousness transformation “Women’s Wealth Esteem” events!