Nan’s Wealth Vibes this week: FEEL FREE!!

By September 14, 2009 Blog
This week is Free Week! I would love for everyone to FEEL FREE! Pick at least one area of your life you want to feel more free in and begin to FEEL FREE NOW.jump
How? think about how it would be to feel financially free, or have more free time, or feel free to do what you want, when you want, or feel free to express yourself more authentically. Perhaps you would love to feel more FREE in how you dress, or in your job, business… like a new business, or asking for a raise. Perhaps you would feel more FREE if you told someone in your life how you feel about them, or forgive someone…. maybe yourself!
I am FEELING FREE this week by calling a lot of old friends, catching up and sharing my new passions. I am heading to Sedona ( I know! 🙂 ) for a wedding and am going to release the past and let the red rock energy cleanse me and empower my new vision for my life. I am going to be there with my beloved, Chris, so it will be a romantic trip as well and that makes me feel very FREE!
So here is My Wealth Vibes for this week… enjoy!
  1. Group Wealth Coaching is welcoming some new members! My Zrii Team Joy will be the newest members! Wednesday the audio class will be “How to F*REE Your Vision for your income from your Mind into reality”
    To  join my Zrii Prosperity Team go to Attract Residual Income and fill in the form, I will call you!
  2. The new Ho’ oponopono Essence has had a great reception so I am sharing the introductory price for another week. Give your body ~ Mind ~ Spirit a reminder of the essence and vibration of Gratitude, Forgiveness and LOVE! Go here to get yours and read more
  3. Wednesday at 4Pm Eastern there will be a F*REE Webinar on ” Why Network Marketers need a blog”
  4. You may want to listen to the Prosperity Meeting I did Saturday, listen here at my blog HERE. Here is the download link where you can listen to it and give.
  5. There will be no Global Healing this week, due to my trip, but next week I will do one on Feeling Free… it will be an awesome journey! Make sure your are signed up!
  6. So to gift you on my week off here are 2 previous Global Healings to enjoy!
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