New Insights! News from the Muse #16

By February 10, 2009 Blog

The theme right now is CHANGE! Yes, the vibe is in the air, can;t you feel it? The media may be telling you things are bad and there is a recession, but what I feel is massive change. Change is good, and especially right now! The key though, is, to take your life into your own hands! You are the master of your life. You get to decide what you feel, do, like and are. You get to guide your change! So ride the waves of change energy that are flowing quite powerfully right now! It will provide rocket fuel for your shifts and make it faster and more fun!

This issue of the Create Your Own Reality Now Newsletter: News from the Muse, is of course to inspire you…and offer you lots of resources for making the change you desire! Look through these as soon as you can, most are time sensitive, and many are free!!!

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* New Breakthroughs In Psychology And Science That Will Eliminate The Fear, Anxiety, And Self-Doubt

* Get off Your Lazy Assets!

Ask Your Money Muse

Ever wanted to know why you feel the way you do about money, wealth, and deserving? We all were raised with negative beliefs about money and we all hear things every day about recession, falling stocks, and lost jobs. The interesting thing is that for me and many people I know, this has been a fantastic time for business! The recession is a concept and the unemployment rate is about 11%.  What does that mean the rest, the bulk, of the people are doing?

Well I will tell you, many are thriving. Despite the claims of doom and gloom! In fact most massive fortunes have been made in ‘recessions” and so called difficult financial times. Why not you? Why not make this the time you stop listenign to those outside of you and you tune in to your abundance and wealth within you? It is the only place it is anyway! Where do you put your focus?

Join me today for the free Ask Your Money Muse call, and hear me answer all questions form people just like you about how to make the inner shifts that create true change now!

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Change your life in just 4 Days

Today I wanted to let you know about an upcoming live event put on by my friend and colleague Jennifer McLean as a live streaming AND video on demand! ‘Heal Your Life – Heal Your Business’. ==>

This amazing 4 day event is put on by Jennifer McLean, noted author (The Big Book of YOU and The Credibility Factor) and owner of the renowned Healing with the Masters program and Her almost two decades of work in her healing practice, not to mention her wealth of knowledge and common sense, has established her as a leader in her field and she is presenting her knowledge in a unique workshop…

Day 1 & 2 – Clearing the Blocks

The first two days (Feb 19th and 20th) will be focusing on clearing and healing blocks, beliefs or past traumas that may be holding you back from creating the life and abundant business that you have always wanted.

Day 3 & 4 – Establishing Your Business/Career

The last two days (when you are most open, Feb 21nd and 22rd) you will systematically learn the steps to…. identifying your niche, establish a brand identity, become an influencer, and step by step procedures and strategies to create new products and build a successful online business OR drive traffic to an offline business.


Most workshops either deal with internal healing and personal growth and development OR business and identifying and implementing business strategies… Though my experience they both are intertwined… and when you honor each aspect–both personal and the business side–miracles happen!
Jennifer will teach you how to apply new principles of business AND use her own healing system (covered in Joe Vitale –of The Secret fame’s– book The Key) to completely move your business and life to where you want it to be. You will experience…

— Techniques applied immediately to excavate the soul issues to success and re-pattern your energy to be ready to receive the success and abundance that is available to you now
— How to take what you love (even if it is a hobby) and generate income–LOTS of income
— How to create a product from NOTHING
— How to build a list and drive traffic

— Creating multiple streams of income from YOUR OWN products
— Creating a teleseminar empire
— Elevating yourself as an expert-
— How to create a brand

ALL of this is yours, EVEN if you are an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER, and even if you are not even a business person! And if you are a business person you can take this information (as Jennifer did) and build an empire that belongs completely to you. Jennifer’s unique style makes learning unforgettable and FUN. You will walk away with what to do and how to do it.(You can see why I am excited to share this amazing event with you.)

Jennifer is offering a special that was negotiated just for us… you have until Feb 13 to take advantage of an amazing dis-counted early bird special. There is also a payment plan. Jennifer put together a payment plan because she knows that it is tough for many right now… she really wants you to watch and learn and release and find joy again. This is likely an investment for you, even at low price she is offering, but know that out of it will come a new life of abundance and maybe even a new career.Isn’t it time you took command of your life and business/career?
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… and move fully into your abundance!

New Breakthroughs In Psychology And Science That Will Eliminate The Fear, Anxiety, And Self-Doubt

So you want change… you got it! It is an internal choice and then finding the guide that is right for you! Moving fully into your abundance is an inner world process! It is allwithin you, and that is good news! It means that when ever you are truly ready, you can make the shifts that give you real results. I am looking for those of you out there right now that are absolutely ready to change your life! I want to gather an incredible group of people who are ready to jump into lilfe. Feel and live in your own power and allow weath, health, love and joy to flow into you at an accelerated rate!

Sound good? I agree! I know that when my clients change their beleifs, feelings, actions, and inner landscape around money, it changes almost every area of their life. All of you interacts together and so when you feel peace and calm, turst and expectation over one area of your life, it bleeds into all others!

So, let’s change your relationship with money right now! You will be stunned at what it can do for you! When you learn the new breakthroughs In psychology and science that will eliminate the fear, anxiety, and self-doubt that are literally destroying your chances for wealth and keeping you from making the money you deserve you will have the power to change your entire experience with money! That is my goal and I am offering you a saitisfaction guarantee AND $650+ in bonuses to show you how serious I am!

Join me in my 5 week course “Total Wealth Transformation: Meet Your Money Muse” and let me prove to you, how your inner relationship with money is stealing your joy AND might be ruining your life! Go to and sign up now!

Get Off Your Lazy Assets!lazyassetsad

‘GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASSETS’ – the latest book from Loral Langemeier, “New York Times” best selling author and the Dr. Phil Show’s “Money Expert” has just been released.

In her latest book, Loral teaches you how to uncover your talents, turn those talents into value, leverage that value by enrolling resources, and connect those resources with opportunities. This is the EXACT process that Loral, herself, has used for a decade to make millions, take control of her life, and build a community of wealth and abundance.

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What is amazing about Get Off Your Lazy Assets’ is that it is being delivered in an amazing multimedia book format you have never seen before. It is an interactive learning tool that will propel your natural talents into cash assets. It’s the kind of information you’ll come back to time and again. The methods are clear, concise, and organic — it’s like downloading the information right to your brain.

This book is an invitation to participate in a process, not just a thought or a feeling, but a step-by-step, tried and true method, that uncovers the secret to becoming and having everything you ever wanted.
Loral’s NEW book is a multi-media experience not available in any store so make sure your speakers are on and the volume is turned up.