News From the Muse #15

By January 13, 2009 May 18th, 2018 Blog

Happy New Year & Thank You!

I am still so excited about the powerful potential for massive change this year, that I keep saying happy new year!I want to start by saying thank you! Thank you for being a part of my circle and sharing my desire to create your ideal life with ease and fun! In this newsletter I have some great new opportunities for you to Create Your Own Reality Now!
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~ Wayne Dyer has just completed a life-changing experience! Wayne made his first movie at age 68, and found it to be an unexpected gift from the Universe that filled him with wonder and amazement. Ambition to Meaning: Finding Your Life’s Purpose gave Wayne the opportunity to marvel at the limitless power of the human spirit to discover and rediscover all that we can be.

Never underestimate the power of great natural beauty to bring you inspiration, peace of mind, and clarity of thought. Ambition to Meaning was filmed at Asilomar,
“refuge by the sea,” on the breathtaking Monterey Peninsula of California’s central coast, a landscape of mist and pines and pounding surf. In nature, you find yourself.
The characters in this story discover a new path for themselves that too much focus on success, competition, and worldly concern almost made them miss. They find
the music within that gives life real worth.

This movie touched us profoundly and we know that Wayne is prouder of it than of anything he’s done before. Which goes to show that you are never too old to learn
and grow and look in awe at the teaching power of the Universe. From the kite fluttering in the wind above to the sand between your toes, there is wonder to be found in
every moment. Move with us from Ambition to Meaning and begin enjoying your life as never before!

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~ My gift to you! Six chances per month to tune in for Free
In my musings and meditations on 2009, I received a deep inspiration to share my work with as many people as possible. In that spirit I have made more ways to reach out. I have seven (7) FREE ways for you to tune in to my work and receive powerful tools, ideas and processes to create your own reality, now! I know many people do not value something if it is free or low cost. Please honor my gift to you and my time and intention in offering these to you and take advantage of it.
1. Ask Your Money Muse: as I stated above there will be a monthly call where I will answer all your questions about money, wealth creation, cashflow. I want to permanently change your relationship with money and help you release the limiting beliefs, defeating habits and false emotions around money. Submit your question and sign up for the call (first one is today) here :
2. Intend Global Healing: every week on Thursday noon, I do a 30 minute free healing call. This is powerful and you can submit your name and have it included in the healing. You are also able to download the replay and reuse them. Guided healing meditation that addresses healing physically, emotionally, mentally, financially… Join the rapidly growing circle here:
3. Ask Nan Now: I am creating another site monthly call where you can ask me anything about how to create your reality. How to effectively use law of attraction, releasing the past, moving through anger and powerlessness, tuning in to your inner voice, how to live with and move through fear… The first call will be January 27th at 2pm Central. If you miss it you can listen to the replay for 48 hours and you can also purchase the audio for lifetime replay’s for only $10. To sign up and submit a question go here:
4. Top Shelf Ultimate Awareness Coaching: Free session! I know from myself and my coaching clients, that we can transform your life, release your fear, eliminate your limiting beliefs, and shift your energy from fears and negative emotions, to power and joy. I want to serve those who are ready for change and want to let go and move into a new relationship with yourself, others, money, love, your body , your past and more. Get your Complimentary 25 Minute Strategy Session and find out how I can serve you. Help is only a call away go here: