News from the Muse #16

By January 20, 2009 May 18th, 2018 Blog

What a profound week I am having! I have made some inner breakthroughs that are shifting many things for me! I am so pleased. I actually felt like my inner being was getting taller, like standing up straight and having good, proud, elegant posture. I have encountered some potentially emotionally devastating situations, and I was so pleased when my inner voice said “no, no ,” in a firm, calm way, “I am not letting others determine my self worth or identity. I get to choose, who I am with, how I feel and what I decide this or anything else means.Wow, I want you to feel like this too, it is so wonderful when what others do does not throw you off balance and crush your spirit! Let me help you! Coach with me!
Here is what I have for you today!

1. Free Call answers your questions on creating your reality, now!
2. Essential Pillars of Success plus goodies!
3. What if you could conquer your fears, get an inspired idea and have an online business up and running within 30 days?
4. What if you had 1000’s of people all over the globe holding your healing intention?
5. Want your own blogging site? Get the best for only $485

1. Ask Nan Now free call

Next Tuesday Jan. 27th at 2pm Central, I will be answering any and all of the questions you submit (prior to the call please). Anything? Yes, anything! Law of attraction, anger, divorce, love, manifesting, meditation…anything about how to create your own reality now. This is a FREE MONTHLY call, and the first call will be available as a replay as well. But you have to go sign up so we can send you the call in info and submit a question. You don’t have to have a questions, and so if you don’t, how about answering one for me? It’s on the page. Join me and I am sure you will find some very valuable tools!

2. Essential Pillars of Success
I like this guy, I think you will too. I always love to tell you about great new resources and books that actually give great value. This one is a great value, I don’t make any money telling you about it, and you get tons of free goodies! One of them is one of my favorite audios, so you get it free…”Sleep n Achieve Prosperity”…it’s technology programed to take you to rejuvenating levels of sleep while programming your subconscious mind with prosperity and power! So here is a bit about the CD course, see if it resonates with you!
Eldon Taylor, author of the New York Times best seller, Choices and Illusions, has made available his “Essential Pillars of Success” at unheard of savings. These principles have worked for thousands of people around the world, and are guaranteed to work for you. Essential Pillars of Success consists of nine programs on eight CDs, and comes with a book that explains how and why it is so easy to self-sabotage our best efforts, and provides a roadmap for correcting those thought patterns and beliefs. It also includes a booklet teaching the learning strategies involved in
choosing the programs or ‘scripts’ that run through your mind. The entire mind conditioning set normally sells for $243.50 but it is yours
today for only $88.00. Plus, you will receive hundreds of dollars in bonus tools to further assist you.
Act Now!

3. Create Your Online Business from Inspiration to Implementation in less than 30 days!
I am so pleased to say I am co teaching this empowering new course starting February 11th. If you want to have a web based business and want to get it up and running in less than 30 days, from idea to website to getting past your fears, you will want to jump in on this one!!I have teamed up with Webmaster Extraordinaire, Chris Sherrod of Abundance Unlimited and we are offering this call DIRT CHEAP! In fact, we wanted to help people who are worried about their  jobs, lost their jobs or just plain want to have another stream of income.
Don’t have a business idea yet? No problem! Chris is the author of “Play Prosperity Games” an inspiring and fun book on how to create business ideas from what you love and love to do! Not only do you get a copy of the book, but we will start by walking you through the creative process and either inspiring you with a new idea or expanding your current idea.

Next we will move through all the steps you need to get your business and website up and running. Chris has over 30 years of computer, techy, website, marketing and business experience. You have access to someone who has clients referring clients daily due to his reliability, professionalism and expertise. By the end of the 30 days you will have your website all up and running, optimized to be ‘google candy” (attract traffic) and you will have the mindset of success that will really make you succeed.
Chris and I have over 40 combined years of experience in business. We have separately built and grown businesses in a wide variety of niches, both online and off. I will not only bring you my 25 years of business experience, but will be guiding you through mastering your fears and emotional and mental roadblocks. Everyone has beliefs and fears that stop them from taking action, following through and being positive and visualizing success. What makes this course so unique is you get BOTH the ‘how to’ and the ‘inner work’ together. This increases your chance of success a million fold. I am an expert at blasting away limiting beliefs, dealing with fear, building self worth and guiding you to change your mindset to one of prosperity, self value and possibility.

Chris and I are both very busy with our own businesses, and so we may never do this again. If we do it will most likely be at least twice the price! We wanted to give something of massive value to anyone who is ready to take charge of their life and stop worrying about the so called ‘recession’. You get literally thousands of dollars of value, just between the time and knowledge Chris and I have, plus you get inner work to relieve your “what if”‘s and fears, and a step by step guide to getting an idea and creating the website.

The investment in yourself and your future is ONLY ¬† $297.00…that is literally DIRT CHEAP! Sign up now, space is limited! Your Inspired Online Business in 30 days!

4. join the free weekly healing call: Intend Global Healing

5. A full Blogging Website for only $485?!
Many people want a website and ask me about how to start their own businesses. You can get a fully loaded, wordpress portal blogging website right now for only $485! This is one you can add your own posts and pages and have control of, not like these proprietary systems other companies sell you on. Those mean you can only go to them to get help. My webmaster wants to empower you and is truly one of a kind. Almost all his clients come from referrals because he is unique in the world of the webmaster. He is reliable, honest, fast, experienced, affordable and nice. He has over 30 years experience and he is also a marketing and business expert, so you get a professional who has systems, knows what it takes behind the scenes to make your website successful Most important? He will still be here tomorrow! Check him out Abundance Unlimited or Websites for a Reasonable Price