Opportunities are everywhere, do you see them?

By August 20, 2010 Blog

I am amazed as I continue to release limiting beliefs, redefine my brand and business and pl_opportunity1focus my intentions how opportunity is literally everywhere!

I coined the phrase “Everything is Opportunity” a couple years ago, and find it is a vital mindset to install… in fact if you got my wealth vibe kit free from my newsletter, you get that Wealth Download free! It came through me because of my own experience with fear and lack. During and after my divorce I was scared, emotionally drained and confused. I know what it is like to not know where your next meal is coming from or how you are going to pay your rent.

I know that every challenging experience I have had, from my daughter dying to business failure to divorce, has been a huge opportunity. When you develop this mindset, you get amazing awareness of what already exists and what you may never have noticed. You view the world differently and you actively seek and expect to find opportunities.

Right now in our current economic situation, chaos and fear are running rampant. People do not know what to do, where to turn, what will work and are afraid to be bold and expect to prosper.

I am here to tell you, that is the completely wrong attitude.

“More money has been made in every recession ever to hit the US”
Joe Vitale “Attract Money Now”.

What if you made a conscious choice and you decided you will see opportunity everywhere, would that change things? YES! Because you are looking for what you want, you are seeking the problems that need solving and you are affirming to yourself and the Universe that you are able, ready, willing to see and step into opportunity.

Then you get more!

Here are some reasons why I think this is a wonderful time to be alive and a great moment to create the income, business and lifestyle that you desire:

  • There are more people with problems that need solving, who lack direction, need new skills and desire to feel inner peace…. you can help them
  • The entire system is broken and what better time to be a part of creating the new economy, the new way of doing business, co creating and connecting… it is ripe right now to bring your creativity into full bloom and BE THE SOLUTION!
  • Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of innovation and now with internet and other factors it is time to use your relationship building skills to connect and create
  • You can completely redesign your life, your business, your income, your focus = FUN!
  • The money didn’t disappear, it is still out there, you just have to find out what people really need. People are focusing more carefully on what really provides value, GIVE IT!

I have been talking to a lot of entrepreneurs lately (listen to my last Magnetic Wealth Radio Show, I did live business makeover coaching at http://magneticwealthradio.com )  and so many seem to be passionate about what they do, but confused about how to market, how to explain what they offer and why it is special. Many have not made a dime, and are desperate and lost on how to turn it around.

I know how to market, build a business and clarify your niche. I can help with that. I know how to build relationships and co create, I can help with that. But what lights me up the most, is the real key to success…. in anything you do:  mastering your psychology!

Getting in behind your fear, getting underneath the patterns and feeling that have you trapped, feeling stuck and shifting your mindset, beliefs and energy is what really makes a difference,.

I do all of this in one on one coaching. I am now designing a group coaching program that I will tell you about next week that will be a phenomenal journey into your inner wealth setting and all the things connected to it that prevent you from growing a business, increasing your income and doing what you love.

Perhaps this is an opportunity right here, right now… do you see it? Are you brave enough to grab it and really make your life better?

I hope you get a coach, get your mindset and beliefs cleared, so you too can see opportunties everywhere… and step in to them! They are waiting for you! If you want to have a guide, a friend and someone dedicated to your success and happiness, contact me at [email protected]

In ther meantime, get the Wealth Download free in my Wealth Vibe Kit and install the mindset “Everything is Opportunity” and see how much your life changes!

Love, Nan

PS. You will begin to see what I am talking about and over the next several months as these amazing and exciting opportunities begin to bear fruit. It is an exciting time.