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Is Your Ego a Friend or Foe?

What if your greatest personal asset is actually disguised as the most irritating aspect of your personality? Amy Scott Grant and Nan Akasha propose just such a possibility, presenting a refreshingly unique and remarkably powerful approach to what other new thought teachers dub “the cursed Ego.” Grant and Akasha are teaming up to present a new teleclass called “Ego Power: Synergize Your Inner Team to Create with Ease and Velocity” with an exclusive pre-debut preview call on September 25, 2008.

“The ego is your greatest ally,” explains Nan Akasha. “Your ego has an unwavering commitment to your well-being and safety, but the ego is misunderstood by most. In fact, it seems as though only a few people on the planet have learned to negotiate their desires with their egos, to create a win-win situation that leads to massive results and total harmony. WHen you can dissolve struggle, you can clearly feel what you want and move into it. No one else is teaching anything like this – it’s truly cutting edge.”

The cutting edge is where Grant and Akasha seem to spend most of their planning time. Their “Spirit of Money” teleclass series was attended by countless individuals across the globe, and participants continue to rave about their remarkable experiences.

“I believe it has changed my life,” says teleclass participant and real estate investor Michele Ashton Dysert. “Since beginning the class I filled two of my properties with great tenant buyers, sold a property for a profit of $35K and getting ready to close on another sale for a profit for of $25K.”

The duo of Grant and Akasha are known for their ability to intuitively tap into the essence of life, clearing obstacles and challenges. Amy Scott Grant regularly hosts an internet broadcast called “Messages from God,” during which she receives channeled information directly from Source, and Nan Akasha has been tuning in to Divine communication and coaching from source including conducting intuitive healing work for more than two decades.

“The ego is grossly misunderstood, and it gets a bad rap,” remarks Amy Scott Grant. “We’ve spent far too much time and energy trying to master, dominate or manipulate it, and it just doesn’t work. This is a radically new approach, and the results are shockingly good.” Grant then adds with a mischievous grin, “Besides which, our way is much more fun.”

Amy Scott Grant and Nan Akasha are hosting a free preview call (regular long distance charges apply) on Thursday, September 25, 2008, at 8PM Eastern. Admission to the preview call is free, but registration is required by visiting this site:

The five-week “Ego Power” teleclass led by Amy Scott Grant and Nan Akasha begins October 9, 2008 and continues through November 6, 2008. Registration for the live course will be available immediately following the September 25th preview call.