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By March 2, 2008 Blog

Wimberley Prosperity Games PartyNo need for a career search! Play Prosperity Games is a wonderful e book that has lots of games that you can play by yourself or with others. These games increase your Abundance and Prosperity by helping you create amazing unique business ideas based on what you love. What better to make money, fulfill your spirit and build wealth than doing what you love!

Friday night I helped facilitate a “Prosperity Games” dinner party at Joe Vitale’s house. His partner, Nerissa, a wonderful friend, hosted it. It was a blast! The ideas that we assisted people in generating, based on what THEY love, were unique, exciting and fascinating. It was so wonderful to see faces light up and energy raise when they would realize how fantastic it would be to do something they love.

Some things people love included nature walks, south america, dolphin cruises, radio, eco friendly and green housing, shopping for gadgets, intentional spirituality, spending time with family and owning a small town. Talk about unique! Want to hear more? Dancing, swimming in natural waters, meditating in nature, being happy, paying off debt….

These are just some of the things that people wrote down that they want to do, be, or love. From these various things we brainstormed how to put together, randomly selected items into a viable business, or even a way to change your life in a positive way.

Everyone wants to make money, make money online or retire wealthy. But what was so fun about this, was that money was a secondary thing. It was the passion that people had for what they love and for sharing it with others that really came through and created so much enthusiasm.

The idea that we can do what we love, share it with others and make money is so exhilarating. We can, and this is another way to create wealth and create your own reality! Getting your logical mind out of the way, and putting together seemingly unrelated, un-business like concepts gets the creative pathways in your mind moving and opening up.

I can’t tell you what ideas the players came up with…but you can find your own path to passion and profits by getting the book and playing some prosperity games yourself. You can even get the small book on how to throw a prosperity games dinner party yourself. I have helped facilitate and participated in over 5 dinner party games. They have all been completely different, unique, inspiring and most of all tons of fun!

So go play a game and find your path to your ultimate wealth, abundance all while doing what you love!