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By May 7, 2013 Blog

“Hello Nan – I listened to your webinar and much as your content was invaluable and awesome, your delivery was brilliant and fantastic. You stood on the platform of authenticity and it was very refreshing. Well done. Keep up the work and have a great day, Cheers Patrick, UK

“How to Make Real MONEY In the New Economy and STOP Wasting time, energy and money – your way!

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Great question… as you can see here from Patrick, he isn’t sure he sees how this will grow his business – because it is ecommerce –

so Below I have listed some of the benefits and who this is ideal for, so you can decide too –

[features_box_light_blue width=”75%” + border=”1px”]“…Most of the points you shared were great which I could inculcate in my business and apply personally. However, I’m not sure if the program would be for me. The reason is that I am a retailer with an ecommerce store that sells natural hair extensions online, and your message seemed to target service professional so I did not see the program as an instrument for me to grow my business”. [/features_box_light_blue]

If you think otherwise and know there is a place for me I would like to enroll. “

Here are some questions to ask yourself – to see if you can benefit from this course – about building your business and income.

  1. Do I need to talk to people in any area of my business? Vendors distributors, clients, referral sources, affiliates, promoters, media…
  2. Do I need to connect with influential, successful or well connected people? Will they be able to help me get better opportunities, connections and insights?
  3. Do I have to Sell anything at all – products, services, your ideas, your skills, your expertise –  online, offline, in person, over the internet, 1-1 or 1 to many…?
  4. Would it benefit me to feel confident about my skills, business offerings and be fully present so people feel heard, seen and want to work with me?
  5. Do I know what to say to anyone, anywhere and be able to hook their interest and connect with people so they like me and are interested in knowing more about me/my product or service…?
  6.  Would it increase my business and income if I knew how to explain what I do in a short and effective way that potential customers and opportunities are attracted to?
  7. Do I need to negotiate prices, supplies, vendors, employees or employers, in a powerful way and hold my value and ground?
  8. Would knowing my value and conveying it in all I do and how I act, help me raise my prices, or attract more business, or close more deals?

As you can see I can go on and on… in my 30 years of business building, several multi 6 and 7 figure businesses, I KNOW it makes no difference WHAT business you are in – you must know how to be:

  • powerful – stand in your power, value with relatable confidence
  • present – people need to feel you are authentic, real and engaged with them
  • perform at your peak in any conversation, situation or presentation
  • be able to charge your value with confidence and impact – sell and close more

More money and success in business comes through people and how you relate to them and convey your value. If you truly want to LEAP to a new level of SUCCESS and SATISFACTION in your work, business or life – you want to grab this course right now!