Release your need for approval

By May 28, 2009 Blog

I did a class recently called “Escape the Victim Vibe”… it is available on audio for only $19.97. In it I discuss letting go of being a victim and that includes feeling wronged, betrayed and much more. It also includes releasing the need for approval. The desire for others to like us, approve if us and value us, is a core emotion everyone has. The people who have worked to let go of that need live very free and abiundant lives! It is incredibly powerful! I was raised in a family that was very critical and I loved my parents somuch and wanted their apprroval and love soo much I tried hard for years, much of my life in fact to please them. WHat I have discovered, is that no matter what you do, you will never be able to please anyone else for very long. It is exhausting and a never ending treadmill of jumping through hoops. Let go of that need, and be your own ‘approver’ and you have found the key to a magical, wealthy and joyful life!

Here is a great short article by Hal Dwoskin of the Sedone Method on releasing the need for approval and increasing your ability to seell yourself, your products or services. I thought I would share it… enjoy!

Release Your Need for Approval
At the heart of every sales transaction is often a desire to be approved of. You want the person to approve of you, your sales pitch and ultimately purchase your product. However, one of the keys to closing the deal lies in letting go of this desire for approval, a process that’s simple to learn …

“Releasing is the salesperson’s secret weapon for success,” says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates. “Being rejected and handling objections is often a salesperson’s nemesis. But when you release the wanting approval and all the other feelings that come from being rejected or handling people’s objections, you’ll find you can stay on track and make the sale.”

“Simply welcome whatever feelings are stirring up inside of you and let them go as best you can,” he continues. “The more released you are as you go through the sales process the more likely you are to get a ‘yes.’ Plus, in my personal experience when you’re selling from a place of love that comes naturally to releasing, people want to do business with you.”

Ultimately, releasing can be your secret weapon to sales success, because as you let go of your need for approval, along with your feelings of anxiety or uncertainty, you will be speaking and acting from a place of confidence and openness. This will naturally draw people to you and make them much more open to your sales pitches in return.”

How? start with increasing your self worth to yourself, determine to honor your preference and let go of the emotins when they come up…releae them. By not claiming or suppressing emotions a they arise, you can allow them to move through you, not get stuck. As you get better at letting them be and then chooosing something new, you will find a new found clarity and inner peace!