Rich Blessings, Thanks-givings, and goodies!

By November 26, 2010 Blog

Wishing you the most joyous, love filled, blessed Thanks-giving day… and if you do not celebrate Thanksgiving, then have a gratitude day…one
filled with joy and blessings!.800px-small_red_rose

Look around you, the world is rich with love and blessings… IF we are

* aware
* awake
* accept

So choose to be fully present in the moment so you can BE aware when beauty, love and joy are near.. AWAKEN: become alive and focused in abundance and joy so you can attract more of it!

ACCEPT who you are, where you are and then feel the freedom to choose what you prefer to feel and BE! There is power here!

I am beaming out the most deeply felt gratitude and love to you all and all I ask is you opening receive it… know you deserve it and feel it, close your eyes and breathe it in……feel it move down into you and permeate your heart…. feel your heart open and the intend to shoot out that love to the world!



Because it is a time of gratitude, I am giving you two foodies:

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Also don’t miss my Thanks-giving blessing… now a video!

May you be richly blessed by BEing you and knowing you Deserve!
Love, Nan

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