Ride the wave of change

By February 18, 2009 Blog

Can you feel the power of the energy of change that is all around us right now?

I firmly believe that 2009 is a powerful year to be alive. The entire world is engulfed in an unstoppable wave of change. Everyone on the planet has been powerfully asking for change, and it has arrived!

Do you see this moment, these circumstances as an opportunity? I do! The recession, the elections, the economy, the massive change occurring all over the planet… it is a wave of true change! You and I have an opportunity right now. We can commit to changing our lives to the one we really want to be living right now, and ride this huge tidal wave of energy to help us get there!

You see, we create our own reality. When we take that understanidng¬† and give it power, we step into our mastery. We are the masters of our lies, the captian of our shit, and ther is no one else that can choose or do this for us. It is up to us. As we tune in to our inner being, and align with our true purpose, we choose to feel good and create our lives in a way that enhances our life and all those we touch. The more we follow our inner guidance, the more happy, fulfilled, at peace we are. This means we are healthier, wealthier and more at ease with life. That’s all really good right?

Normally we have to raise our own energy to accomplish these things. And indeed, we still do…but look at what is waiting to assist us in this change! All this global energy of passionate desire for change, peace, love, health and wealth. It is like being in the strongest current you have ever imagined, yet it is here to help us. It will add to our own power and make the ride soo much more fun, and easy! It is like someone offering you rocket fuel to your resources for creating actual change in your wealth, your focus, your feelings and your life exeprience.

So why not take command now and ride this wave of change?! What better time to tap into Universal energy and open up to the flow that carries us along our life adventure? I am realizing what an amazing year 2009 is shaping into! The doorways of opportunity are swining open all aroudn us…and within us! We have the global energy behind us, beneath us, to help carry us along this path to our most delicious life.

I know you want change, everyone does. There are some things you fel are good in your life, but I know there is lots you want to be different! You have to change your mind, your thinking, your energy patterns, your choice of concepts to give power to (beliefs). You cannot make change acting and thinking the same! It defies science! Open your mind, and be brave, choose to intentionally take command of your life, your wealth, health and joy. You’ve got lots of energy on your side.

Right now, you can achieve the change you want, in your money relationship, your love relationship or even your relationship with your body, your joy and your self! You can achieve it with massive help from the energies on the planet right now. How? Decide the change energy going on right now is good and is here to help you. Empower that belief, until it overpowers all else inside you. Let go of focusing on negative thoughts, ideas, feelings or ‘what if’s?’

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