Send your “I AM” statement and join the energy vortex!

By November 2, 2009 Blog
Hello my beloved friends!tibetan_jewel_box_4
As many of you know, I am headed on a Cruise this week with Law of Attraction Radio network. I will be a featured speaker along with 9 others, on transformation, energy and law of attraction. I am very excited, as we have some celebrities coming as well. Many talented energy healers will be there.
I am inviting you to participate in a VERY SPECIAL manifesting and healing… even though you will not be on the Cruise with us! You can participate in the Cruise in intention and energy this way! This is a very special opportunity, so jump on it now, as it is time sensitive, and F*REE.
Write a powerful “I AM” statement and email it to the address below, and cc me please 🙂 today through Wednesday. It will be included in our opening ceremony and energy vortex. Very powerful!
This Friday night at 6:00 pm, we will be having the Opening of the Vortex.   We will all stand up around making a circle or two leaving the center opened.   In the center will be Jewels’ (the LOA radio network owner) red jewel box that has many individual’s “I AM” statements in it.
Send them directly to  [email protected]  (cc me so I can add to your intention!)
Jewels will walk the audience through a very loving visualization.   As we raise our vibration, we also want to send energy to the red box.  We will do a bit of cleansing and releasing and bringing about our gratitude and excitement of what we will learn. The last workshop on Sunday, we will send the vortex energy with each of us… in other words, we will not close the joy, only enhance it more.  So I hope that you will all join us for this amazing vortex of energy!
An “I AM” statement is when  you write something that declares something, or several things you want to be true for you, write it as if it is true right no
“I AM so grateful for my endless flow of clients, my $10,000 a month income, my vibrant energy and health and my romantic and loving partner”

or “I AM now in a loving, supportive relationship”

or “I AM worthy, wealthy, happy and strong”…

I am flying high after an incredible month in October in Zrii, my newest passion, and thanks to all of you who have joined in!
Remember the Ayruvedic 90 Day Weight Transformation program will begin 11/11 with another special energy opening! To join go HERE and then call me to place your order 512 772 3554. It is going to be amazing!
Also The Intend Global Healing this week is canceled, but next week it will be on 11/11 (not Thursday as usual) and will be phenomenal! If you are on the list you will get the info, if not go to and join us!
OK, that is my Wealth Vibes for this week, enjoy the moment and let me leave you with this:
“I love you and believe in you.
We are divinely guided , protected and cared for.
We are in the m*oney flow and loved by our m*oney muses.
Feel wealthy, not worried,.
Feel worthy, not a failure.
Feel expectant, not doubtful.
Feel ALREADY RICH, not in lack.
All is well in our world!”
Nan Akasha
from “Already Rich. Magnetic Wealth Affirmations” Open your mind and tune your vibe to attract wealth.
Book release Novemebr 18th.
Nan 🙂
PS With the energy speeding up and the shifts that happened this weekend and will happen next week, it is the perfect time to order your  Transformational Essences!
I suggest  “Abundance and Increase”  “Ho’ oponopono” or “Spirit of M*oney”