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September 12th 2008 at 8pm PST

My twin girls, Emily and Sierra just started Junior School today and I am experiencing so many emotions! The ones that want them to have fun and be themselves, the ones that are amazed they are so big and grown up and the ones that miss them now they will be gone all day again! Having kids is such a roller coaster! I always say it is the best and the worst of everything! There is little that brings the deep joys and love that you have for your kids, and little that frustrates as much as some things they say or do! Loving someone so much, unconditionally, is an experience that has given me so much growth and so much love. It is being “forged by fire” as one of my friends says, you have no choice, you can’t put them on hold, you just have to keep going!

I guess for me the biggest challenge and biggest thrill is letting them be who they are, trusting them to follow their inner guidance and be here as a guide and loving presence. Having had very structured, critical and intellectual parents, I have no role model to parent the way I feel is best in my soul. Loving someone and still letting them be who they are, even if it makes no sense to you takes inner discipline and is a truly expanding experience.

In the spirit of the start of school, here are some wonderful resources for your family and you:

1. My “Meditation for Kids” program is now available and ON SALE for only $9.97! I will be adding some audio meditations to go with it and the price will be going up, so get it now! If you do buy it now, you will get an offer to get the audio meditations when they are ready for a discount, so don’t worry you won’t miss out!!

2. I recently blogged about a wonderful organization that does amazing work with kids and people called “Difference Makers International”. They are a non-profit educational organization, dedicated to helping children of all ages reach their highest potential. See my blog “Who I am Makes A Difference”

3.My new audio Clearing called “Clearing your Negative Relationship with Ego” is on sale right now for only $9.97! If you purchase it now, you will get the full package of audios of which this is part 1, called “Getting Ego on Your Side” for less than half price! You only have about a week to get this deal, so start right now shattering your “glass wall” between your ego and higher self and get all your energies moving in the same direction!

4. My friend Rhonda Ryder does amazing work with parents who want to understand how to best use Law of Attraction to raise their kids. She has some really great interviews, including some with stars of the movie “The Secret”. Check her out at and get in tune with your kids in a natural way! You get a Free Guide, “The Seven Secrets of Sharing The Law of Attraction With Kids and Teens”!

5. Finally I have a very special offer for  you! I am offering a HUGE discount on my coaching for September only (anything you book in September). $80 off per session!!!

Ultimate awareness coaching can help you clear limiting beliefs and blocks in any area of your life. It can help you discover your authentic self, your true potential and your immense personal power. Clearing energy blocks, memories and thought patterns that no longer serve you and who you have become. NEW: sessions can include a discussion with your ego, which cuts right through all the guessing and gets your ego to align with what you want and stop the constant battle to change and do what you want. Release the fear and doubt and go for what you want and know you deserve right now!

You can discuss and process any area of your life, so if you have family issues, or you want to find a soul mate, if you are stuck around money and career or if you are grieving a loss of any kind.

One hour sessions are powerful, and lazer focused on exactly what you want. It is designed to open and clear your energy field so you can tune in to your own inner guidance and expand your awareness of your true self!

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If you are interested in the photo at the top of the log it is a picture I took of an impressionist painting from Musee D’Orsay in Paris, it make me think of my twin girls!