Meditation Classes


Click the link above to see the details of this amazingly powerful program. Levels taught with 10 or more participants. $555 for 3 days of deep inner work, activate your light body, raise your vibration, access new dimensions, light languages and connect with your inner being.Filled with love and power, these are life changing expansion experiences.

Unleash Your Limitless Potential Seminars

Highly Experiential seminars that lift you up, charge your battery with joy, enthusiasm and power. Release old patterns and get clarity on all you desire.


Vibrational essences mixed individually for you to meet your current needs and energetic state. These are an excellent way to support the shifts that happen in the work releasing limiting beliefs and healing. Support and stabilize your system as you make the energetic changes. Emotional issues are greatly helped with them as well.:

Unique vibrational essences available at