How to Be the solution for your dream clients

By November 16, 2013 November 25th, 2013 Blog

My passion is business and spirituality and people – and when you

blend them, oh my, it’s so delicious! I wanted to share 2 tips that serve me really well so you can go into your weekend with your mind working for you on how to get you to that next level you are ready for!

How can you build a thriving business without clients?

People are the key to life – and business.
We often get so excited about all our cool ideas, I know
you are a creative too – so many exciting ideas popping up…
we forget that our true intention is to help others with
our gifts and services/products…
and it is only SERVING  – if they want what you offer.
Would you like two BIG JUICY Bliss Business Tips?
#1: Your offers (services/products) MUST be what your Ideal
client wants – NOT what you THINK they want, or what
you think is the coolest thing ever.
So ask yourself – have I gotten feedback from clients that
this will serve their deepest pain?
If you are caught up in your ideas you might be missing
seeing what they really want from you.
You want to find that Sweet Spot where your passion
and talent meets their needs and wants.
#2: BE the SOLUTION!
Show how much you understand your clients pains….
STAND OUT as THE Solution they need.To do this you must speak specifically in your clients language.
Pay attention to what they say, what words do they use,
how do they speak about their challenges.Then share your Sacred Solution in their words, so they can see how you can help!

Think about this and look at what you offer, how you describe it
and how you can be a MAGNET to your Dream Clients if you
focus on serving THEM with the best solution and be careful
chasing every idea that comes your way.[content_box_yellow width=”75%”]If you want to know more about how to be THE SOLUTION
that your ideal clients feel MAGNETICALLY Drawn to… 

and how to find them… build a list and loving community…
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