Some gifts and a Blessing for you

By November 26, 2008 Blog

I have a few gifts for you, in gratitude for you and in honor of Thanks-giving… enjoy!

1. I really enjoy this wonderful lady Jennifer Mclean. She has been doing interviews with interesting people, and if you hurry you can still hear her talk with the amazing Gregg Braden! So go here to listen to that:
Also Gregg talks about a wonderful new Global initiative to bring together the world to work together synchronistically. It is called The Global Coherence Initiative,here is some info on it and a link:

“The Global Coherence Initiative is a science-based initiative uniting millions of people in heart-focused care and intention, to shift global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace.

The Global Coherence Initiative is designed to help individuals and groups work together, synchronistically and strategically to increase the impact of their efforts to create positive global change. Together we will:

  • Increase personal coherence for the benefit of ourselves and the planet
  • Help shift the planetary consciousness baseline from self-centeredness to wholeness care
  • Increase connection and social harmony
  • Empower our ability to navigate through global changes with less stress and more ease
  • Empower environmental responsibility and stewardship of the planet

2. FREE GIFT for answering a question!
Included in an email to my free healing circle list,
I asked a question, and offered a gift to anyone who answered. So I wanted to offer it to all of you as well. Send me an answer to this, either here as a comment or email me at [email protected]

“What do you feel is your biggest concern about money, and would like to change?”

3. I heard fo this wonderful organization raising money for charity, check it out!

4. Finally I wanted to give you my blessing and send you my intent:

“I , Nan Akasha, am so very grateful for you and all you do. I honor your originality, your special talents and your desire for peace and love in your own life and everywhere. Your uniqueness is so important, and I appreciate when you allow it to shine out and bless others.

I now send you my support to fully express who you are, and to always be true to yourself, no matter what… When you honor yourself you honor the Universe/God/Source/the Divine…. when you do what feels right for YOU, you bless others.

Enjoy giving thanks and give it generously and then sit back and bask in the glow of gratitude!

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