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By June 5, 2008 Blog

I wanted to share a post I made on the members only forum for the Spirit of Money telecalss. YOU cans till sign up through Friday…and I highly recomend you do! It is amazing! You can getthe recordings of the first class…the 2nd one is tonight! Check it out: BetheSpiritofMoney.com

Hello Spirit of Money co -creators!
I am so excited for us to meet again today! I had the most amazing vibrational atttunement yesterday in a meditation/toning session with a friend. I was told, it is all about sensations, feelings, vibrations and frequencies. We are to get out of our heads, release ourselves from being so involved in our thoughts and be in our feelings, not the emotional ones triggered by memories, or outside influences.
We are to live in our <b>sea of pure potential</b> by being tuned in to the sensations and energies that we are and that we co -exist with. <b>”Exist in” is the key here</b>, not do, not intend, think or even ‘be’ in a sense, but just EXIST…in the sea of rainbow harmonic frequencies. Then feel them, attune to them and direct them for what we desire. It is an experience of ease, joy, grace, there is no worry or struggle, there is no ‘try’, there is just peace as the burdens and worries you have carried roll off your back, tension fades away and you feel that all is well, all is always well, because you are living in and seeing and feeling all the possibilities. The abundant nature of who we are is so very very prosperous it is amazing, tune in to this frequency, and let the worries you have over bills, jobs, work, paying, being good enough …let it all go. It is about trust, suspend your disbelief and then merge with this energy, you will feel so calm, powerful, free and joy-filled than you do not have space for wrry.
Worry only attracts worry energy and more of what you worry about, Worry is form a space of “not enough”…there is no such thing. Do not guilt yourself and be mad if that is or has been your experience, it is not relevant, In this moment now, you can choose to change where your focus and energy goes and then in an instant relief will roll over you and you can start to focus on nothing the possibilities opportunities, avenue of prosperity joy, love and happiness.
It is all available for you, start there, make that your core premise and then move out from there looking for proof. Keep a proof journal, every moment, every little thing that you see, experience and feel that is positive, write it down or notice it, and celebrate. Your worls consists of what you notice, what you turn to see and feel, and since anything is possible, you can begin tot shift that focus to see what is right, good, possible.
Feel the energies line up inside you and shift, everything moves and changes all the time, let go of holding on, the flow mis the place of pure
positive energy and is where you truly live. Feel it and choose to merge with it. Live and see…live now, the multi-verses line up always, let go of worry, it does not serve you and see that the small shift inside you will bring such relief that you have opened the door to let in the vibrations of joy, possibility and prosperity!
Sense the joy that you are…

Have a prosperous