Step 3 in what to do in the next 26 days for more money

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TODAY’s new mindset is: “Money is GOOD! I AM GOOD! We Align”

Here is the links and reminders of the first 3 things we have discussed in this series.

  1. Treat yourself with more compassion, yet more accountability!
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  2. Start here: Ask yourself this and really be honest with yourself; (Commitment & Action)
    If you KNEW without a shadow of a doubt, that if you did the following things, you would attract ($10,000) <or fill in your amount>/month, would you commit to doing it every day for the next 26 days, and do whatever it took to keep yourself accountable?

    (If you are not certain you would say “YES” and muster the focus and courage to really do it, then ask yourself this: “How would it feel to know you have $10,000 <or your amount> a month coming in? What impact would it have on your life? Write it down! Feel it, see it, believe it.)
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  3. Master your Mind: “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve” Napoleon Hill

    “Your mind is the only thing over which man has complete control and direction” Andrew Carnegie
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  4. TODAY’s new mindset is: “Money is GOOD! I AM GOOD! We Align”
    This has two parts, today we explore the money part, tomorrow the “I” part. This is the about BELIEFS.

Why is it important, in order to attract more money, to believe money is good? What does it have to do with me thinking I am good enough?

Because what you BELIEVE is TRUE for you! In fact your beliefs, known or unknown, from this life or another, from your parents, your schooling or your DNA, are what determine what you see, attract, and keep. You can always push past a limiting belief and achieve something, but it will not stay for long if you do not change what you believe to support that new reality.

Your level of consciousness must shift to support that new income, or your beliefs that contradict it will begin to find ways to bring you back to status quo: your Wealth Setting. Your wealth setting is the level of money your inner beliefs and self image say you are worthy of. This must shift to accommodate a new level of wealth. You must install a belief structure that supports money as good, or you will repel it.

#1: You must believe money is good. I mean so much more than ‘good’, but this boils it down to the essentials. This means it is necessary to transform any belief you have about money being bad, evil, in short supply, unreliable, meant for others,only for greedy, non-spiritual people and so on.

If you believed money was good, positive, empowering, desirable in everyone’s eyes, in infinite supply, you would want it and without any hesitation or shame, go get more and tell everyone about it, and they would be happy for you, because…hey… money is GOOD! It is good for you! And everyone has it! Isn’t it great!

Your fear of what others think, if they will love you, if you will lose, love, support, credibility, goodness, by having more money keeps money from you. Well, if money were good, it would not be an issue.

What if they suddenly started to say on the news “HEALTH ALERT! New cure for all disease… wealth! Money has now been scientifically proven to be good for your health, good for your focus and memory, good for your relationships and sex life, good for your heart and increases your life span. And an infinite supply of it has been discovered and anyone can tap into it. Instructions on how in the next broadcast.”

Wouldn’t you start to release your beliefs that money is the root of all evil, that you should be ashamed of wanting it or having it or that by having more you are being greedy, selfish and taking from others? Wouldn’t it be easy to transform your beliefs that money is not important, only for others, not spiritual, to be feared, or in short supply? Imagine how quickly you would find ways to allow yourself to receive more money, because finally, everyone agrees money is good!

No more doubt, fear, guilt, or shame around money! No more fear of lack of money!

How FREE would you feel!? How at peace? How happy and filled with possibility? Imagine, now!

Is money good?

Write a list of reasons why money is good. How money enhances, empowers and supports.

Here is a start:

  1. Money builds hospitals and funds research for cures
  2. Money feeds, clothes, and shelters your family
  3. Money gives you the freedom to do what you love

List your limiting beliefs around money as they come up, because as you begin to choose this reality of “Money is good!”… your beliefs that disagree will rise up and try to stop you! Then you grab them and make a note to be aware of it, and transform it to what YOU choose to be true for you!

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