Step 4 in what to do in the next 26 days for more money

By April 1, 2011 Blog

In step 3 we looked at this new mindset: “Money is GOOD! I AM GOOD! We Align”
This has two parts, yesterday we explored the money part (CLICK HERE to read it and get links to the others) , today the “I” part. Like I said yesterday, this is the about BELIEFS.

I have revealed how we are going to do the 26 days to more money.


This week has been the set up, I wanted to give you the key mindsets and frameworks this week so you had a platform to move into the 26 day intensive program. It is going to work better for you and go faster if you simply decide to accept that these mindsets and frameworks are the way it works. If you have to struggle through doubt and fear about what I have been sharing with you all week, you have added another layer you have to work through before you can really focus on increasing your capacity for more money. Why wait? Why let basics cloud your vision and block your path to wealth?

So here is a way to cut to the chase with yourself, go back to the first Mindset: Treat yourself with compassion, and accountability. Say to yourself with conviction,

“I am ready to open to more money, joy and love in my life. I am ready to live the life my Soul intended.
I accept these mindsets as TRUE FOR ME. I now live from this truth and it supports my ideal life and income”

Review all the blogs or emails in this series so far and then claim them as true for you, intend to start to operate from this level of consciousness, where this is truth for you. This is self care, self commitment, self support, self love. Congratulations! This is required to evolve to the next level of your financial evolution.

Tomorrow I will share more on the “I AM GOOD” part of this mindset and the beliefs that you will need to choose. Begin thinking about reasons why you are good, and worthy and why you believe you are not good… meaning good enough to have, keep attract, and grow money.

The #1 limiting belief in the world appears to be “I AM not good enough”… so you have it to some degree over something in your life and most definitely over money, increase and wealth. Look and see where, cause it is time for it to go baby!

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