Stop Arguing with reality

By September 19, 2008 September 30th, 2008 Blog

Alternate title “Your Inner Voice is Whispering #4?

I birthed a message from our inner voice at 4AM this morning. It came through me in such a new and different way. I sent it out to my list, and received such nice comments I wanted to share it with everyone.

One person emailed me and said “Nan,I found your message so relevant, I posted it on the Millionaire Mind Support Network™ Blog.
I included your contact info. Thank you for your insight and finding the words to share it with others.”

Here is what she put on the blog, and below, my message:

I received this message from Millionaire Mind Intensive graduate, Nan Akasha this morning. I found it so profound, I wanted to share it with our Millionaire Mind Support Network™.
Many of you know Nan as Chris Sherrod’s beloved life partner. Those who have been lucky enough to hear her radio and pod casts, attend her classes or read any of her works recognize Nan as loving and wise soul and Law of Attraction Master.”

Your Inner Voice is Whispering….
are you listening?

Are you sure?

Put down that coffee, stop watching the news and reading 10 emails at once…take a deep breath, relax!

There is no rush, there is no goal line for life…

Want to feel peace? Stop arguing with reality!
Want to feel good and calm no matter what is happening?

Accept what is.

No, do not think this means you are giving up,
Don’t believe it means you condone what is,
or even like it, that is not the point….
You can have wants that are different than what you have now…

No, you are not letting go of life…
Just the opposite, you are going to enter and embrace it for the first time!

By not arguing, defending and justifying, you open the door to inner peace.

Not because you are giving up being the creator of your life, no not at all, in fact, you are going to get to feel and experience the real you, your true feelings, mmmmm

Let go of the thoughts that are always shouting
“why me” or “I have worked so long and hard,
I deserve this and why don’t I have it yet”…
let it go, it does not serve you, it makes you feel bad
and it keeps your abundance away, it always will,

Accept what is, and then in that peaceful, non resistant state,
you get to make choices for what you want, with clarity,
calm and power.

Stop arguing with reality…and open yourself to receive!!

Love and light,