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Step Three Unlock your $100K DNA Success Blueprint

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[headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]Step Three to Unlock your $100K DNA or Success Blueprint inside you[/headline_arial_small_left]


The next step on your journey in your fully funded mission, into BEING YOURSELF more than you ever have before, [headline_arial_small_left color=”#000000″]***because that is what you were designed to do, it’s the reason you have the desires you have and it is the MAP to your MONEY, FUN, SUCCESS, JOY… ***[/headline_arial_small_left] is

[headline_tahoma_small_centered color=”#000000″]DECIDING and TRAINING yourself to SEE OPPORTUNITY EVERYWHERE![/headline_tahoma_small_centered]

Yes… it is a CHOICE – A DECISION – and once you commit to that decision – the path will open, the “how to’s ” will appear to  you will ‘manifest’ (make obvious to your eyes and mind), all opportunities you require to create your goals.

Everything in your life is OPPORTUNITY!


NO exceptions, even painful things that appear mean, tragic or like a mistake or failure.

Remember Napoleon Hill said ” Opportunity comes disguised as misfortune or failure… DO N OT BE FOOLED.

seek the good, the door, the diamond in side… IT IS THERE… it has to be.

Remember the Law of Polarity, for all Desires there is already an answer, the way is here, DECIDE to see it.


  1. It literally IS everywhere
  2. You only do not see it because your subconscious mind is programmed to NOT SEE IT
  3. You have been trained you live in a world of lack and you do not deserve more, so you do not see it

So NOW you can choose to see it everywhere, keep looking, demanding you see it, put your mind, the problem solving mechanism without competition, to work FOR you.

Insist the opportunity for the money, clients, or Scythian you currently need is here.


Find 3 things right now in your life that are there that are a solution to what you most need. Then leave a comment below, and share this!

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Step One in uncovering your map to your highest Income

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I am on a mission to help you step into your greatness and Unlock Your personal High income success blueprint… they key is to understand you are in control and re claim it. You can flip the switch in your own DNA for anything you want… you are encoded for the success you most desire! The Universe is trying to give you what you want, and it intended for you to have it… that’s why you want it!

[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#000000″]STEP ONE in unlocking that high income success blueprint is: Suspend your Disbelief: Decide to act as if you really believed You ARE here on a fully funded mission! [/headline_arial_small_centered]

High Speed Success is simple

  1. Decide to suspend your disbelief, this is what you do when you go to the movies or read a novel and you let go of your ‘mental rules’ about whether something seems real or plausible… you just decide to agree with the world the story has set and enjoy following along as if you really did beleive in their world.You have to do the same when it comes to believing and therefore acting as if it were true, that you are supported in every way, whether you have seen or, allowed it or not. You are here on a fully funded mission, that means your desires are there as a Divine map, whatever you need to manifest your vision and passion already exists and you have the means, strength, smarts and anything else you need to achieve it with great success.
  2. Start to look at all the decisions you have made and are making from this new perspective. What if you knew you had the resources, money clients, ideas… you just kept looking till you found them? What would you say ‘yes’ to? Would you hire a coach, put up a website, speak at an event, put on a workshop, get hypnosis to clear your fears…? Make new decisions and look for the answer from a place of ‘it’s already there!”.
  3. Be Contrarian! DO this YOUR WAY… really, like the old song… it’s the only way you will succeed. 78% of the tactics and strategies that worked for other successful people are not duplicatable… even they can’t repeat the success. Why? Because it was a unique blend of that person being 100% them and in the moment, and they create a “Magnetic Moment” when things CLICK. Don’t be what you think others want, be what you most want to  be.
    So YOU have to be YOU… by being YOU and interacting with the world in a way no one else has or can. STOP trying to be like Everyone else, and embrace what is most unique, different, unusual about you.CLICK! Did you hear that! I think you just unlocked one more bolt in your personal $100K DNA!  Take this first step now… and let me know below what happens, do it fast… its better than perfection. Get momentum, stir it up, see who yu really are! Get back to remembering you are here on a FULLY FUNDED MISSION!

(and I have an incredible audio for you tomorrow and Thursday we will be doing the High Income Hypnosis™ session on unlocking your $100K DNA… woo hoo! If you have not signed up yet, do so on the home page here CLICK its all free!)


High Income Strategy & Mindset Call: Ask Nan anything

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I want to answer your questions… free… Monday! All you have to do is register and mark your calender before you go off to enjoy your weekend! Ready? Scroll down, enter your info and get the call info!
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Proof freedom is waiting for you

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Freedom! The Money is here now

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Unlock your high income success blueprint [free training]

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What is most important to you right now? Is it to increase your monthly income and create consistent cashflow? Is it filling your business with more dream clients who love what you do and you love working with? Is it getting past procrastination so you can take consistent action? Or perhaps what you really want is total clarity on your BIG VISION and your purpose?

[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#000000″]Your Big Vision and Inner desire are a MAP from the Universe and it will lead you to a dream lifestyle that lets you share your passion, help more people and make more money… all so you can be more FREE![/headline_arial_small_centered]

Whatever you most desire to create, I know, after 29 years of building multi 6 and 7 figure businesses, that there is one thing that will STOP you every time… your inner mind ghosts, and blocks that literally keep you from increasing your income, cash and clients.

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In this ALL NEW Complimentary training I will show you how to find the main block keeping you from increasing your income, cash, confidence and clients.

In our 90 minute training Session you will experience:

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High Income Secret No.1

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Reclaim your true role as Writer, Director, and Hero/Heroine


You are indeed the writer of your story whether it seems like other people and circumstances have written your story, have taken things away from you, have created things that are challenges for you indeed you are the one that wrote that story and you are the one directing the movie that you’re acting in as the hero/heroine. The problem is you don’t own the power and recognize that you are the one writing the story, directing the story and then acting it out. You have a story inside of you; the story says you’re not good enough, there’s not enough, you shouldn’t want more money, it’s their fault, and a million other things. You have other people inside of you – your family, your parents, your spouse, your boss, the kid in 5th grade that made you look stupid and you got embarrassed in front of everybody. And who knows else?  Who knows who else you’re carrying around?  You’re the only one who can change your story! And the way you do this is understanding who are you –you are the writer, the director and the hero/heroine.

You have to change what you believe about yourself and the story that you’re writing. You have to understand that you don’t know because what you think you know is 9.9 times out of 10 a lie that was passed on to you by some else. But the only thing that it took for that lie to become truth in your life is faith! You use the ability to choose and you gave faith to believe that. Maybe you did it to belong, maybe you did it to fit in, maybe you did it to be loved, liked or approved of, but your step in awareness now has to be changing the lie you believed about yourself, and then lies you believed about everyone else. I know if you’re reading this that you’ve heard probably a thousand times you have to take a 100% responsibility for yourself and your life. But why is it that we know this and doesn’t seem to be having the impact that it means. Because you don’t know what you don’t know! The story inside of you is a lie that’s self-perpetuating because it’s been going for so long.

You’re used to putting other people first and sacrificing yourself and caring for everyone else so you think it’s okay. But when you don’t have boundaries and you don’t own your power and you don’t decideand choose what you want and don’t let yourself actually feel your true desire and want them and own them, you’re living someone else’s story.  You have to own the power you have to re-write the story, to say cut – right now as the director and to stop as the hero/heroine of your story and look at where you are. The story is the same pattern, it’s the hero’s journey, it’s an archetype where are you in your journey. Are you at the pit of despair? Are you at the big comeback? Are you at the big a-huh the transformation, the magical moment?

Decide to write your story now, respect yourself enough! If other people are telling you what to do, what not to do, what you can have and what you can’t have, then they own your power. They’ve taken over the role of the author and the director and you’re an actor, you’re a puppet. And they don’t respect you, they think they know better, they want you to act to a certain way so you make them feel okay. You’re not here to do that! You have to affirm, I make my own choices and I take responsibility for my reality. However fabulous or horrible it may seem at the moment. We really don’t know where we are because what we think is a lie, what we were told isn’t the truth. Where is the truth? It’s inside of you!

The First high income secret is you have to take your power back in the area of knowing that the beliefs you’re operating from, that the truth the you were told is not truth. And if there’s a fear and doubt it’s not truth. And it’s no one else’s fault for any … life because they’re just a mirror for you. Everyone has the archetype of the victim. Why? Because there’s a power in it. It’s your ally to warn you when you’re about to compromise yourself, when you’re letting go of your power, when you’re giving it away. It’s there to warn you that you’re not supposed to take everybody else’s opinion and please anybody else. You’re supposed to think for yourself, decide what you’re next test step is based on the desires inside of you. And then speak up authentically knowing you’re worthy but you can’t do that when trying to please everyone else and when you’re afraid of what they will think, and if you’re afraid of looking foolish, being told no, being ejected. Stop looking outside yourself for approval and love, it’s already there! Look at where you are with the victim. Are you being empowered by these part of you that knows that feeling when you’re draining power, you’re not owning your truth, you’re passing up opportunities, you’re not being happy. You can allow the high flow of incoming energy abundance in the form of money, or clients, or love, or anything.

If you’ve given you’re power away to other people. Decide today to take it back and go on this journey, you need the courage and bravery of a warrior, you need the thought of owning your worthiness and wealth like the queen or king. And you need the wisdom of the mystique, the wizard, the priest, the priestess – those are within you, not outside of you. Stop blaming, complaining, feeling powerless and choose today. Write down my high income is behind that shadow, is behind that fear, is behind the story. Declare I’m no longer letting lies rule my life, I have one authority, I am choosing to be what I was created to be and I no longer choose or act by trying to get anything from anyone, there is nothing outside of me that I need. Instead you’re focusing on giving, but you have to give from a place that’s within you, not a place of desperation or neediness. When you need a client, when you need money, when you need approval, when you need to be liked, when you need to point the finger, when you need to blame, you have no power.  You have to be a powerful, big, grounded, centered-being, focused in your worthiness in order to attract high income and maintain it, keep it, grow it. If you add money to your current situation, you’re adding gasoline to a fire, more chaos.

I’ll see you tomorrow with high income secrets no.2.

Tips to live the high life

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You know me as doing High Income Hypnosis and I’ve been thinking about about you. I know that you want something more.

[black_arrow_list width=”100%”]
  • You want to fill your practice… fill your business full of the best clients for you.
  • You want to fill your bank account full of the amount of money that you desire.
  • You want to fill your life full of meaning and purpose and joy and expansion.
[/black_arrow_list] And this is really the definition of the “High Life.” Maybe you never thought you were someone who would live the High Life. Maybe you thought you were never somebody to deserve the High Life or thought that there was for you to have the High life. And I want to encourage you right now to start to live the High Life, whatever that is for you.

So let’s look at that for a minute. So what do you get in the high life? What does “live the high life” mean? Well if you look at the definition of “High” it means

[green_plus_2_list width=”100%”]
  • exceeding the common degree or measure. That means it goes out of its average.
  • It’s strong, intense, high speed.
  • It’s tall, lofty, elevated great, high,
  • luxurious, rich, extravagant.
  • It can be a euphoric state. You can feel high after doing something wonderfully, performing or speaking really well, or maybe you play sports and you performed your best and won 1st place. You’d feel like you’re on a high, you don’t say “You’re on a low,” we don’t say that. We say, “We’re on a high.”
[/green_plus_2_list] High is the best. The high life might mean expensive or glamorous or elegant, but it only really means what is ideal to you. What do you truly want? Are you letting yourself want what you want? Are you allowing yourself to have the high life to believe that that spirit of opulence is all around you?

There’s a whole feeling  and image behind the idea of the High Life; “Beautiful people, Café Society, creme de la creme, the best, elite.” The High Life is what everyone should be shooting for. You’re not here to live small. You’re here to give in a big way and receive in a big way so that you can keep Expanding into your best.

If you’re building a business, you want the best clients for you. And you want them to get the best results. And you want to do your best in what you do. That means you want to perform at a high level… “High Performance.” That means we’re being our best. We’re taking our talents and we’re sharing them and we’re finding the people who can appreciate them and want them. And they get the best and we get the best. And we all get to live the high life.

So I want to encourage you to decide you deserve to live the high life… because for me, I’m a high income strategist. I help people strategize, how to raise their income and live a High Life. The Best – You deserve the Best.

You deserve to be the best, and share the best and accept that you’re here to be who you are in a very unique way. There is no one else that can be you. You need to be the best you that there is and perform at your highest. You need to have the feeling and the knowing that when you perform at your best, you’re co-creating a high income, high results. You’re performing at a high level. You’re helping your clients get a high income and a high result from their life too.

I want you to join me in embracing your High Life, High Income and High potential. There’s a couple ways that you can join me and I am here to help you strategize how to create a high life for you.
One based on exactly who you are and exactly what you want. One based on you finding your talent and sharing them, accepting who you are so that you can perform at a high level, be paid a high income, and fell a high level of fulfillment and satisfaction because you’re being your best.

(1) Join me in New York City   When you can spend a day with me strategizing on your high income life, your high income business. You can get to meet me and work with High Income Hypnosis
CLICK HERE to talk to me about meeting and giving you a Quantum Leap!


(2) Join my Money Manifestation Method Mastermind and get a high level support for Six (6) full months to transform your business, your clientele and your income so that you’re living the high life come New Year of 2013.
For either one of this, you need to set a time to talk to me. CLICK HERE  to claim your right to live the High Life! You are a  VIP!  And we’ll set a time to talk. I want to be a high income strategist for you so you can live your highest potential by serving in the highest possible way aligned with the highest possible principles so that you can allow yourself to prosper at the Highest Level. You deserve it.

Much Love,

money archetypes and guilt and shame

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Do you feel any guilt or shame around money?  How about the subject of money, was it taboo in your family when you grew up?  Do they keep it secret?  Or are there arguments around it?  Do you overhear things where there wasn’t enough?  Or were you told things like you can’t have that now, or if you have that, you’re starving children in India?

Guilt and shame around money is a deep issue for most people.  The reason I love to help people around the topic of money is because it has so much emotion and powerful, powerful feelings attached to it.  It’s the number one cause of divorce.  We kill for it.  We disown people for it.  There are all kinds of conflict and confusion inside over the topic of money, and it’s one of the top taboo subjects to talk about, money, sex, religion, politics.

What I find is that shame around money is damaging to your ability to make and keep money and feel good and fulfilled in life. Guilt around being worthy of money or having money or having more money than other people, guilt around wanting more money, feeling that that means you’re greedy.  If you have any beliefs around lack, if you were taught in role models when you were growing up that there isn’t enough and you shouldn’t want more than other people, or perhaps that money wasn’t spiritual and you’re not a good person if you want money, or money can make you corrupt.

I’d like to invite you to understand that there are archetype patterns operating underneath your beliefs and your programs about what is true for you on who you are, what money is and whether it’s good or bad and what you have to do to get it.  All of those ideas inside of you are creating your experience of reality right now.  You’re creating what’s in your bank account.  You’re creating the flow of the money and the clients into your life, so I find it’s best to go to the cause.  I like to go to the cause of what is happening in your life and at that level of cause we can create a shift that will then ripple out into your life and change the results or the effect in your life.

What are the results and effects?  Well, the cause is how you’re being, what you’re thinking, feeling and acting, and that’s determined by what you believe.  So even if you know as an adult in your mind that there is nothing wrong with money, that money is a powerful tool, that it would really help you have the freedom to live the life you want, to invest in the things you want, to give what you want, and to really fulfill your potential, then you really would like to have more ease, peace, confidence and flow and abundance with money, but your efforts seemed to be slow or go in spurts or be inconsistent and you feel like there is almost something invisible inside of you holding you back.  Well, this is the patterns within you that are like a computer program because those beliefs were put there and you now are living from them.  They are determining what you’re able to be aware of that you don’t see the solutions to a problem and it doesn’t mean you’ll make more money.

What’s the solution?  To recalibrate your money map, your high income profile and your money archetypes.  This is something I’m going to doing at my live event on June 2nd and 3rd.  You can still grab a seat with us.  Go to https://highincomehypnosislive.com  .  In this two-day live event, I’m going to be guiding everyone through deep, high-income hypnosis journeys to look into what are the money archetypes that you are operating from that are keeping you from connecting to your abundance, that are keeping you from having the success you want in your business, that are keeping you from seeing and feeling worthy of the money that you desire and the client you desire.  We are going to do laser coaching right there on the spot.  This is a small group intensive, so everyone will get attention on exactly what comes up for you, and then we are going to create a plan for you to move forward.

We are going to look into your money archetypes.  Your money manifesting archetypes are things like if you’re feeling a lot of shame and guilt with money and you don’t feel worthy of it, like you literally can’t feel your value and so you have a difficult time talking to clients and asking them to buy your products or to hire you, and you maybe are trading your services, discounting them, not charging your full worth, or perhaps you’re giving your services away for free.

 SIGNS YOU may have a “Slave”Archetype with money:
If you’re working for someone else and you are taking on more work without pay… if you feel obligated to people that you have to keep giving, even at your own cost… if you feel unworthy or afraid of asking to be paid, or for a raise… if you are not charging at all, or enough to feel respected… then you have the archetype that is around the slave or a servant.  The slave archetype doesn’t get paid and so if you have that operating, you feel absolutely worthless, not seen, not respected, not valued, but expected to work, expected to show up.  I have seen people who worked for other people without getting paid for long periods of time.  I’ve seen people take cuts in their pay and increase in their load and continue to stay.  I’ve seen people who work in their business as a coach or a healer for free, not charging anything and being afraid to then start to stand up and charge anything. I see people work in their business for years with little or no real income…. why?

If you’re doing any of these things, you’re trading away your time or you find it difficult to really state your value and charge what you’re worth, raise your rates, you probably have a slave or a combination slave/servant archetype.  This is obviously not the ideal money archetype to be living from.  So you want to understand that that’s coming from somewhere.  That’s coming from a place within you and until you understand it and shift that pattern and the beliefs that are supporting it at a subconscious level through new experience or hypnosis, you won’t be able to break that pattern.

So take a look at what you feel around money. 

  • If you feel ashamed to have it, to keep it, that you don’t deserve it, that you’re not worthy of it, or maybe you’re only worthy of it if you really slaved really hard.
  • If you feel obligated to people who aren’t appreciating or respecting you or paying what you are worth
  • If you have clients that are paying you but paying you late…

… you want to take a look at what is the shame and guilt you feel around money into your life.

If you’d like to work with me to find the deep, inner cause of these things, which I found in my work is the way to shift this and it’s fast and it’s lasting, then set a time to talk to me here ==>CLICK HERE<==.  You might be ready for a High Income Hypnosis coaching package, or maybe you should check out coming to my live event coming this weekend, June 2nd and 3rd, in Austin.  It could be the breakthrough you’re looking for.  I’m looking forward to talking to you and clearing your guilt and shame around money so you can truly prosper doing what you love.