The Book “The Secret”

By September 19, 2007 Blog

Most of you have seen the movie “The Secret” by now, if not, heard of it. I can’t recommend it highly enough! I also highly recommend you find a copy of the original version with Abraham- Hicks. It is superb!

If you read my blog “Why I have seen the movie the “Secret” over 50 times”, you know I have, indeed, actually seen it many times over. It has been awhile though, so last week I watched it again and then I listened to the book on CD.

I like to put positive, powerful concepts into my mind. I want them to function naturally, without me having to think to do it. So listening to the CD of the book of “The Secret”was inspiring and great food for my mind. Go get the book. Even if you have or have seen the movie. There is a lot more in the book, and it is very uplifting and empowering as well.

I prefer books on CD. I can listen while doing other things, driving, doing dishes, going to sleep. They put happy,inspiring thoughts into my consciousness.

So feed your brain some great food…get the book today and attract what you want into your life. You can. Now.

Live in Joy~