The Deepest Healing

By September 24, 2008 September 30th, 2008 Blog

I just received notice of the deepest physical healing occurring in only one week from a coaching client! I am so honored, thrilled and consistently in awe of the power of the work that I do. I love, love, love to work with people in coaching sessions, teleclasses and through my audio products. The feedback is like food for the soul!!!

Right now, as you know, I am putting the final touches on my next teleclass

“Ego Power: Synergize Your Inner Team to Create with Ease and Velocity”

I have been putting together all the fabulous and really powerful bonuses, (one from Mark Joyner!) and selecting from the many testimonials to put on the sign up page. As I read the testimonials I realize that this work is jumpstarting the deepest healing on all levels for my clients! Mental and emotional healing is profound yet commonplace, Spiritual healing is always occurring because that is our true essence and that is where all change, power and healing are.

Today however, I received an email from a client I did a coaching session with last week. It was a session where we addressed old issues from childhood that still caused major physical issues and were leading towards a much feared surgery. Profound physical healing! It is a miracle. I truly feel the magic in these sessions and it fills my soul to overflowing to see the results! I am so honored to be the vehicle for such amazing and deep information and energy!

My client wrote to ask if she could send me a testimonial, because she was so amazed and thrilled by the overwhelming physical evidence of her healing. All from one conversation with her ego and creating an agreement and a new vision!

I can’t say how much I feel this class will “” and that this process is for everyone!!! It touches every part of your life! Come see for yourself, FREE, tomorrow night on the preview call. If you can’t make it live, if you are registered, you will receive a link to listen to the recording. It is power beyond belief!

Want a deep healing of your own now? Sign up for a coaching session! And until the end of the month, you get almost 1/2 off on the price of coaching!