The Purpose of Life is to Be Happy

By March 2, 2007 March 4th, 2007 Blog

I interviewed Chris, the prosperity guy, today (Keep reading to see how you can get the interview Free!). He has a wonderful view of life. He believes…

  • he believes the purpose of life is to be HAPPY
  • he believes that you should have fun at whatever you do
  • He believes in cultivating a prosperous mindset
  • he believes in doing what you love
  • he believes you always focus on what you want, not what you don’t

Chris has created a book about how to create new business ideas (or ideas about other things) by playing games. See? Fun! His new book called “Play Prosperity Games” is full of processes, and games on generating ideas from things you love and love to do. It gives you a way to put ideas together that your logical mind would not normally do. You combine things that would make no sense at all in ordinary circumstances.

Not only has he created this fun and inspiring book, but he has started doing dinner parties and workshops where you actually get to play the games. You have a blast as you match up things you love to do and brainstorm with the other people there

Very interactive, very experiential. You walk away with ideas you can use. Many people so far have bought website names right away from their ideas.

I have been to 2 of them, it was a blast! I had so much fun helping others and was amazed when I got one idea (among many others) that I am already researching on how to implement. You will leave with ideas…everyone has!

It is like turning on a faucet of ideas too! They keep pouring into you after you start playing these games. It is like it starts your creative flow. You just have to be aware, watch for the ideas, watch for the people, opportunities and resources that start to appear. Be prepared for fun and be ready to take action, you will get great inspiration.

You can see where and when Chris will be having more “Play Prosperity Games” workshops, as well as a teleseminar. His book will be out mid march…start having fun and being prosperous!

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